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The change Nigerians need




THE word change could either be for the better or worse. The major challenge to those who employ the change mantra should be a nation changed for the better in all respect. Firstly, Nigeria requires change in its administrative structure. The late Chief Tony Enahoro, within the NADECO Structure almost shouted his voice hoarse in proposing a government that recognise the multiple nations that made up the Nigeria Nation.

Many other public analysts proposed regional autonomy as sine qua non to arresting Nigerian’s myriad of problems. And at the twilight of the PDP administration, Jonathan convened a National Conference that hinged most of its recommendations on regional autonomy. The report of that conference is daily gathering dust in the book shelf. The National Conference was brought into being by a legitimate Government of this country.

The resources of this country were incurred in prosecuting the proceedings of the National Conference that sat for about four months.It is important therefore that resources employed in that process, both human and financial should not go down the drain because of the unwillingness on the part of a succeeding government to implement the report.

If the present administration is truly committed to bringing about the desired change in the affairs of the Nation, its first port of call is to alter the political/administrative structure of the country in line with the recommendation of the National Conference. There must be true democratic governance and regional autonomy where the various geo-political zones are given a breath of fresh air, enabling them to look inward and generate the required resources to develop their states/zones at their own pace. Adopting and implementing the report of the last National Conference would make the job easier for the APC-led administration in this regard.

The present administration has so far shown seemingly clear vision of what to do in the fight against corruption but lacking in consistency. A situation where persons indicted of corruption by a judicial panel or under EFCC investigations are being rewarded with ministerial nomination and party governorship tickets does not display sincerity of purpose.

Nigerians would truly experience change in their daily lives if they have stable power supply in their houses and good motorable roads across the nation. Stable power supply alone plays a major multiplier in the economic activities of a people and in the long run would reduce crime rates. It is a shame that Nigeria that boasts of its huge human resources could not refine its crude oil into petroleum and other by-products to meet consumptions at home and for export. What about our huge gas resources? We must find ways of refining our crude oil at home to meet our domestic consumption as well as for export. The drive for solid mineral is good, but crude oil has been around for decades and we have not optimised its gains! We are reeling under the bondage of petroleum subsidy that has grown into trillions.

The soul of this Nation is tired of the old ways of doing things. It is in dire need of fresh breath of air and the time for it is now.

• Oyiborhoro, a public affairs analyst, is based in Sapele, Delta State.

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