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To be at your best in 2022 – Part 2

By Ayo Oyoze Baje
04 January 2022   |   3:07 am
So, to make a success of 2022 means that you have to always see a half-filled cup of water rather than a half-emptied one. The next step is to be a problem-solver

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Continued from yesterday
So, to make a success of 2022 means that you have to always see a half-filled cup of water rather than a half-emptied one. The next step is to be a problem-solver. Stop complaining every day about problems without making the required efforts to be the solution -providers.

In the timeless words of Engineer Titi Omo-Ettu, a Fellow of the Society of Nigerian Engineers: “Our new generation of engineers should accept the responsibility that they are the solution providers of today. They must read widely, train continuously and synergize with other professionals. To make this effective, they should work in teams. They should see their environment as their constituency, communicate effectively, be fair and ethical and learn to choose wisely”. You do not have to be an engineer to drink from this fountain of knowledge.

This is not the time for self-deceit. This is not the period to look back at your past mistakes and keep blaming yourself or others and dwelling on them. No! You must look deep inwards and out of sober reflections ask yourself the critical questions before you make those all-important New Year resolutions. What are your capabilities and limitations too? Are you at the right place doing the right things? Life is dynamic and you must be ready to move forward with it.
Interestingly, 2022 will don different colours and flavours from the previous year. We should all be prepared for a series of protests, beginning with the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), gearing up for that against the increase in the pump price of fuel. What about all manner of taxes coming up along with delayed salaries as Nigeria’s debts become an unbearable burden?

There will be waves of escalating tension on the political spectrum far ahead of the 2023 general elections because our politicians want the power to satisfy the self and not the state. But new opportunities will spring up for printers, event organizers, advertisers, entertainers, fuel marketers and transporters. You must, therefore, be sensitive to the happenings in your environment and muster the capacity to maximize the economic benefits derivable thereof.

Insecurity will not go away with a wave of the hand. No! With the current administration not willing to name and shame the sponsors of terrorism and both Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho alleging threats to their safety, inter-ethnic conflicts may rear their ugly heads. Food shortages will persist. It means, therefore, that efforts at boosting local food production will increase.  Be prepared to join the fray, beginning with home gardening.

Simply put, you have to discover who you are, capitalize on your abilities, overcome your weaknesses, be ready to take risks and be disciplined to achieve your goals according to your timeline. Surround yourself with positive people. Look for the seeds of success inside every problem. Never be easily discouraged by daunting obstacles but take them as stepping stones to move on to the higher ground. Take that first step now! For, as the Peak Milk advert goes, the answer is in you! Welcome to 2022, the year of limitless possibilities.