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Conflict of human rights, politricking and security challenge


Sir: One of the many laxities of the Federal Government of Nigeria is its failure in providing basic security for the life and property of its citizens. That everyone is perturbed by the wave of insecurity is an understatement, and nothing can be far from the truth that even our founding fathers who had laboured for our co-existence as a nation seem disappointed for their dreams shattered by sheer irrational politricking, tribalism and religious sentiment by their successors in title. Just like every sane humane person, even the pigeons felt too insecure so much so that in the face of their freedom on the Armed Forces Remembrance Day, refused to fly for the fear of being gunned down. It is true that even Mr. President himself confirmed and admitted in one of his despairing speeches to Nigerians that only prayers can put a stop to insecurity in Nigeria.

The recent reactions from different quarters of government in respect to people’s resentment to the incessant killings indeed elicits some rational thought-provoking questions on issues that threaten our co-existence as “a people” and as a nation. Their ridges, plantations and preservations are destroyed by herds of cow. The police could not offer them any succour.


Recently, in Ibarapa area of Oyo State, Dr. Fatai Aborode; an enterprising, commercial farmer was attacked and cruelly gunned down in broad daylight on his way from his farmland by this same notorious agents of death leaving his driver with a severe bodily injury. These incidences and many others are what necessitated self-defence by the people against any internal or external killings. It is saddening that the federal government or the presidency is insincere with the unity of Nigeria. Security of lives and properties, which is prime among the fundamentals of the responsibilities of government is now brought far below the thinkable ebb, with snowballing spate of crime under the guise of misinterpreted freedom of movement.

Suffice it to say that without security no minute development, orderliness or law can exist. In fact, insecurity is a bane that threatens co-existence much more than eviction in self-defence, misunderstood as infraction to right to movement.


Conflict of Human Rights is a clash between same or different human rights, which are held by the same or different rights holders. CHR may thus arise between different human rights, between two instances of same right, between different rights-holders, and in some special circumstances, one rights-holder may face two conflicting human rights.

In the current imbroglio threatening Nigeria’s “unity”, what could be drawn is that it is a revitalization and reactivation of the subdued diversity among different ethnic groups in Nigeria. Aside human rights which are inalienable in every society that embraces rule of law, there are adjunct rights that is known as non-human right normative values, such as need to protect national security, nurture sustainable development, public safety, public order, public health, public morality and so on. It has been decided in plethora of cases that the right to life stands distinctly special and need be preserved save in any of the circumstance enumerated by the constitution. That the people from any part of Nigeria need to protect their lives and properties with any feasible means is non-negotiable.
• Rilwan Balogun sent in through


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