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Coronavirus: Looking inward for summer travel


Obudu Cattle Ranch

Gradually, this firmament known as our world is shutting down. Streets are being deserted. Public places are turning to ghost towns. Restrictions are being placed on movements not only to nations but individual homes and the whole world is becoming an island unto itself. No thanks to the outbreak of the Coronavirus disease 2019 otherwise known as COVID-19 caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS-CoV-2). Since the outbreak was first reported in Wuhan, Hubei, China in December 2019, towns, cities, states, nations and countries have closed doors to foreign nationals. In a solemn Television address just last Monday, President Emmanuel Marcon of France urged people to stay indoor unless when going for shopping, going to pharmacy or those going to absolutely essential work. With over 5400 infected in France already resulting in 127 deaths, the president announced a closure of borders even with all European countries.

The story is about the same in America, Canada, United Kingdom, China, Italy, Saudi Arabia and many more countries as various measures to slow down the effect and spread of the pandemic intensify. While Portugal and Spain have announced a suspension on tourism activities, many more are either cancelling flights or placed total ban on flights especially from high risk countries. Arguably, a major business concern that this global scourge will shake to its foundation is the tourism industry. For an industry that thrives on movements of people from one place to the other, the extent of economic loss that stands to be affected as movement round the world is impaired and restricted is better imagined. As at 12th of March, reports have it that stocks of major airlines have dropped considerably as investors reckoned with the prospects of cancelled flights, loss of sales and substantial reduction in service for months to come.


As health officials and pharmaceutical industries round the globe battle to begin safety tests of vaccines to combat the devastating effect of the disease, it is said that a minimum of 18 months is required to fully validate the potency any breakthrough. As reported by Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of NIH’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease “you are talking about a year to a year and half before any vaccine could be ready for widespread use.”

The implications of this on the tourism industry is quite huge and since summer and other vacations are always planned ahead for a minimum of three months in advance, it then means summer travel is up in the air for the entire globe. Vacationers are known to always pick their diaries at the beginning of the year to do their vacation plan for Easter, Summer and other periods when they intend to take their work-leave.

While the situation in the next three months is unpredictable, international travelers and affluent vacationers in Nigeria need not fidget as there exist so many fun destination places both old and new ready to take care of their desire to visit and tour interesting and fun places thereby saving their hard earn dollar which is even becoming so high with the continued plunging of oil prices. A very good aspect of these home and local destination places is the opportunity of spending less as they are pocket friendly compared to what is obtainable in these locked down nations and they offer stunning and adventure sceneries. A fact that cannot be disputed is that Nigeria is a beautiful country and half of its beautiful tourism potentials are waiting to be tapped. From the Agodi Garden in the ancient city of Ibadan Oyo State, the awesomeness beauty of Tinapa and Obudu Mountain Resort both in Cross River State, Coconut Beach Badagry, Apapa Amusement Park and Omu Resort Epe all in Lagos State, and so many others spread across the country.


A recent visit to one of new addition to the many lists of places worthy of visitation for relaxation, adventure and winning down is a place called Hi-Impact Amusement Park and Resort located opposite the Mountain Top University on Lagos/Ibadan Expressway. Since its inception in 2016, this world-class Amusement Park has continued to provide thrilling outdoor rides and exiting indoor games for children, teenagers and the whole family to a fun-filled experience compared to anywhere in the world. Other attractions to a would be visitor beside the rides and indoor activities at this Park include over 150 well-furnished self-service luxurious apartments, outdoor pools, multi-purpose halls, restaurants and executive lounge. The Park also boasts of a well-equipped clinic with qualified health and safety personnel, uninterrupted power supply, 24-hours security all in a safe and serene environment, adequate parking space with free WI-FI as well as availability of shuttle buses for visitors within Lagos and Ogun State.

While the whole world waits and prays for a quick solution to this menacing scourge, Nigerian travelers and vacationers should try to explore what nature and God have given us in our backyard by staying home to enjoy the best of holiday in Nigeria.


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