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Country first before personal ambition

By Malcolm Emokiniovo Omirhobo
25 January 2022   |   2:46 am
No sane man will insist on riding a dying horse because he knows that it is cruel to do so and that the horse cannot take him anywhere

1999 Constitution.

No sane man will insist on riding a dying horse because he knows that it is cruel to do so and that the horse cannot take him anywhere.

No sane man will insist on having sex with a dying woman because he knows that it is heinous and inhuman to do so and besides he cannot derive any pleasure or satisfaction therefrom. 

Of late, regrettable and unfortunately too, Nigerian politicians have been displaying a high level of insanity by rehearsing, manoeuvring conjuring conjugating, scheming, invoking collaborating and conspiring with one another to produce the next president of Nigeria while the country is in a state of comatose, bleeding to death in pains and agony. This act of our politicians I dare say is insensitive, callous, selfish, self centered, senseless, unscrupulous and the height of irresponsibility. 

How can our politicians be talking of election without addressing the key issues of the validity and sustainability of the 1999 constitution? Why is it that our politicians only care about themselves and do not care about others, not even of our unborn generations? Why are our politicians pretending not to know that the main reason why we got to this confused, deplorable and helpless state is because of the defective 1999 Constitution. Why have our politicians for the past twenty-one years failed, refused and/or neglected to rectify the defects in our constitution and want us to continue with it? Why are our politicians insisting on going on with the 2023 elections without a peoples constitution like that of the United States of America that has served them for 234-year. Without a peoples constitution in place, going to the polls in 2023 will result in the handing over of Nigeria once again to a government of excuses and justifications for failure. 

Sincerely speaking, if you ask me I will say that our politicians must stop their insanity. They must stop pursuing their personal ambition over and above the needs of their country. They must put their country first and stop having the sense of entitlement of becoming the next president of Nigeria. Our politicians must ensure and quickly too that a referendum that will lead to the rebirth of Nigeria is put in place. 

A constitution that will allow all the component parts of Nigeria to be autonomous and be whatever they want to be within one indivisible and indissoluble Nigeria put together with trust, mutual respect, love, honesty and the desire to be a great country like the USA which is a country of hundreds of nations.

With a peoples’ constitution in place, Nigeria like the USA will become a great country with over two hundred and fifty nations. With a peoples’ constitution in place, it will no longer matter who the next president of Nigeria will be, his religion or which ethnic group he comes from.

Fellow Nigerians, it is about time we let our politicians know that Nigeria is greater than them and that the needs of our country by far supersede their personal ambition and self-entitlement. Our politicians must know that Nigeria is not their private estate or vineyard. Let us take our destinies and that of our unborn generations in our hands to save our country from joining the leagues of failed states.

Fellow Nigerians, for a greater Nigeria, let us speak up and insist on the conduct of a referendum before any election in Nigeria.

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