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COVID-19 and its negative effect


Sir: COVID-19 is a global outbreak that ravaged the world in a negative way: what prompt this is not yet known even by the developed world and researchers in the scientific community etc. However, academics, captain of industries, and every stakeholder in every institution are not left out in finding solutions to this ugly global natural disaster but yet to find a solution to it. This highly natural disaster has caused a lot of havoc to the global economy “both in developing and the developed society and this is unfortunate.

Nigeria, for instance, has indeed lost a lot of money both in the public and private sectors with millions of jobs at stake that is for the working class; what about the people doing business in micro and macroeconomy? What is their benefit as this COVID-19 is ravaging the world? Be that as it may, what about the church?! “What is their position towards the sanity of the nation as part of their role as a spiritual watchdog? Because the bible declared, we should pray for the peace of Jerusalem, the church supposed not to be relegated to the background. It seems we have put God at the back door, forgetting that God is supreme and always remain supreme.


COVID-19 comes as a global disaster in a period unprepared for and makes it a period of hardship to every being- black/white race respectively. It is an emergency period that is so severed with confusion is every nook and crannies of the world. It is the period of emergency where companies are closed down, movement restricted except on essential services, and security agencies that were allowed to work but two things are sure - “they must maintain social distance and secondly, the wearing of face mask.

On the contrary, they might not be able to maintain social distance as it is duly required by the authority but by infinite mercy and God grace people are always preserved as far as COVID-19 is concerned. Globally, it is assumed that it is a deadly disease because the virus has never been in existence and many views as to the pandemic are misery that can only be understood by God Almighty.


As if that is not enough, the period is so severe, as hunger has been the other of the day with the voices of the masses crying for help especially the less privileged. In view of this fact, some well-meaning Nigerians have come to the aid of some Nigerians who are victims of hunger by giving some palliatives that they can offer but it would have been very good if the palliatives come from the government because they will be able to meet the demand of everybody at this trying period of this pandemic.

What does it imply in essence? It means the true governance which by every standard is democratic in nature whereby the government of the people by the people and for the people has indeed not proved its value in terms of democratic practice. In the final analysis, one of the negative sides of the COVID-19 is that the virus keeps people in perpetual bondage as no income is coming in even with their true means of livelihood in their disposal. They are being kept in suspense with the only option of begging for food and money as the only viable option. “What a tragedy to the present younger generation and sad memory for the unborn generations. In all, God is able to arrest the global pandemic no matter its ugly effect.
Patrick Eromonsele wrote from Lagos.


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