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Curbing criminality is our collective responsibility


Sir: Oftentimes, we underplay and ignore our roles and duties to one another in our immediate and distant societies. We care more and show concerns to our immediate and distant relatives. Sometimes, to friends. But we ignore the young boys and girls, the young men and women, our neighbours and those we should extend care to because they are not members of our families.

We spend on and train our children, we give them the best of education and skills but fail to realise that the children of our neighbours, the members of our immediate and distant societies whose parents and governments have failed to take care of will become threats to us, our well-trained children and our relatives tomorrow. 


If we had seen our neighbours’ children as part of our responsibilities and do all we could to make them useful to themselves and their families, our children will also live in peace and our efforts on them will not be in vain.

If we had jointly equipped and trained our countrymen and women who are used for terrorism, banditry, kidnapping, armed robbery, cultism, among other criminalities today, we will spend less in containing their menaces as a country and our well-trained children will not be victims of their onslaughts.

It is our collective responsibilities to check the activities of our neighbours. If the government is too carried away to care for its people, regulate their personal habits particularly regarding family planning, we should counsel our neighbours to only have the children they can comfortably take care of for the good of all of us. A situation where parents carelessly breed children with little or no means and plans on how to care for them is disastrous not only to the affected family but to the community and country at large.

In a nutshell, let us jointly train every child in our neighbourhood if not for their good but for our collective wellbeing, for our children and for our country as a whole. Let us counsel our neighbours to give birth to the children they can comfortably train. Let us all mount pressure on our governments to prioritise the wellbeing of every child and every citizen. 

When many people have, crimes and criminalities will drastically be reduced.

Qudus Adewale Lawal wrote from Lagos.


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