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Curious, extravagant miscues of our presidency


The way things are going on in Nigeria now cannot but marvel us. Every day by day we witness things that we should not witness. Those who are truly and patiently observant cannot but wonder at the creation of your country my country our country being ruled and governed by humans who are truly not expectedly human. Indeed, your country my country our country must be one of God’s most durable wonders and mysteries. It is a curious case of God’s creation. This is so; this is rightly and richly so since God made it possible for our different peoples to be merged, cemented, sewn together as one people who are refusing to be one people – no matter how we try or how we have been trying to do so. Since God allowed the colonialists to create the structural networks that birthed Nigeria our different feathers have not been remarkably strong as they ought to be. What do we do now that we have not done or that we have not been doing since the creation and evolution of your country my country our country? And what are we saying that has not been said? And what are we writing that has not been written about? But we can never be tired of talking, or of writing, or of doing that which must be done.

When many of us were growing up even under colonial rule and leadership, we saw ourselves as birds ready to fly to the highest realms and places of our respective ambitions. To induce our respective lifts, we birds had merely to thrust our feathers, our flight wings, regulating the intake or circulation of air below and above us. How happy we were as we flew! Even when the colonialists left, we still flew happily, very happily, in our respective grand ways that were grander than we ever thought or ever expected or ever imagined. Yes, yes, yes.


Things changed, drastically, when the chaps called soldiers forced their shots into our destinies. Things have not been the same again since then. Curiously and curiously, crooks, crooks and crooks have taken over everywhere and everything extravagantly. What is being said here now is not new in any way as many people will readily affirm. The story is familiar and very familiar to many of our compatriots and citizens and masses. The more things seem to change the less they definitely appear not to change.

The rot and stench fire-brands like Tai Solarin and Gani Fawehinmi argued and fought against until their respective nights visited them are still very much with us and waxing stronger and stronger. As a matter of fact, they have extravagantly developed new wings, new feathers, for their new evolution, for their new extravagant evolution of flight. Now it is like we never had our Fela Anikulapo-Kutis or Ayekotos and Allah-Deys or Gbolagbo Ogunsanwos or Stanley Macebuhs or Pini Jasons or Andy Akporugos or Sunny Sambos or, or, or and or, or, or. And our dear, dear Obafemi Awolowo and his fellow titans across the parties of their times, are you all turning in your graves now with melancholic melancholy? If only we can make it possible for sacred evolution of flight to transform you back here!


My thoughts are bleeding for the homeland, this homeland where this presidency curiously, extravagantly, miscues all that we hold and respect dearly and dearly. No advices, suggestions, facts garnered and tendered to rescue our land, our homeland, our country our country from curious, extravagant tyranny are working or finding their way into the hard hearts of this president and his cronies in his presidency. We keep on struggling against the contempt they have for us. The populace is raging with pain, anxiety, disappointment, aching lament but this presidency is extravagantly un-amazed and overjoyed with its perversions. Resident doctors have been on strike for more than three weeks now over continually broken promises of this curious presidency. But the president and his acolytes bother not. Or so it seems. In fact, the president extravagantly flew to England to check his health problems and challenges without displaying any emotion of concern for the teeming masses that would be badly affected by the glorious action of the doctors. The president is back to meet the situation that cried and sang for his attention before his medical flight. He is not prepared to deliver any meaningful support for anyone outside his political, economic, medical, religious and blind circle and cocoon. And soon university lecturers will re-strike again over the presidency’s broken promises and concretely entered into agreements with them. Furthermore, the Niger Delta hot heads are warming up for a new action of emotional patriotic vagabondage over the series of betrayals of this presidency. Of course, the president’s latest act of betrayal centres on the Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB) which the president just signed into law without qualms despite protests from Niger Deltans against the paltry three percent to be enjoyed indeed by oil host communities. Are you kidding us, Mr. President?

The furious fury and furry of the hot heads from the region might soon be tasted by this presidency of thriving extravagant miscues that are nothing short of seriously crucial and crucially serious crimes against this land – your land my land our land. But why should this be so? What is the nature of the advantage(s) that the president is truly and smilingly enjoying when all is far from well in this homeland – our country our country that should not fly to where it should not fly to? Nothing can be more crucial to us all than crucial peace for our crucial survival as a people and as a country. I am crucially right to say what I have crucially said here. This president, this central government, must stop from being a predator, from being the predator of Nigeria and of Nigerians. This is a crucially crucial statement to offer this presidency gratis un-extravagantly and un-curiously. Neither in the north nor in the south of our land is there any kind of peace that is peace. This president should crucially shine his heart for the coming crucial epoch devoid of any sort of extravagance from our helmspersons. Mr. President, shine everywhere in your frame, un-curiously, before what will be will be. You better take me seriously. And you better believe me.
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