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Do as much as you can, for as many as you can!


letterSir: Guess what it Really and Truly takes to change the world. Not necessarily the constant and yearly advancements in technology (well, that’s a great plus), or the new but sudden rise of staunch policies that encourage human rights (can’t deny, came in handy in certain areas), but it all gets perfected with just one or two random acts of kindness everyday!!

Changing the world has become an overly dramatised cliché that has been gradually devalued from frequent adulteration, as we continuously follow the same pattern in the rug, hoping to invent new theories and ‘kick-ass techs’ which leave the world very rich in infrastructure, but bankrupt in love.

The truth is, the world changes every single day with everything in it (including people) right before our very eyes. People have become pretty much laid-back when in play is some other person’s problem, or some other person’s crisis situation or difficulty. Nobody really cares about anybody if they aren’t directly involved in that situation. We all are guilty of choosing that comfortable ‘advisory role’ position, or that ‘look and ignore’ attitude when we are convinced deep within our spirit, we could have gone a little out of our ways to assist a little further.


If we could collectively realign our consciousness to always pull off at least one random act of kindness everyday! We would be amazed at how much opportunities swung by us in the past, which we would have done something about. It could be someone stranded in a cab, a homeless beggar by the roadside, someone you spotted without an offering in church, a neighbour’s kid with a torn sandal or school bag, a stranger with a very heavy luggage, a friend’s new achievement on social media, or even lending a good listening ear to someone’s predicament! It could also be honesty in business, in relationship/marriage, or at the workplace.

You could do the very best you can in fixing a societal issue you aren’t comfortable with. Or finally, as a religious leader or minister of the gospel, someone in deep financial need approaches you. Don’t relent at just reeling off the scriptures of prosperity and imparting the working knowledge of it. Assist financially with the little you can! The concept of ‘giving’ isn’t just driven towards the church alone.

The church also in little ways, can try to give back to the people as well.To change the world in our little and better ways, we must always strive to ‘do as much as we can, for as many as we can and for as long as we can!’
• Nimi Princewill,

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