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Dream Nigerians dream




This is BBC. We have a special edition of Phenomenon Extraordinaire titled, “From Third World to Wonder World.” This special edition will run every day for a week. We will show you various changes that took place and the different aspects of the lives of the people from the nation that is now a phenomenon. They are known as kings without kingdoms.

Their influence permeates the entire global village! They have become the voice of the 21st century, providing intriguing answers to global issues and challenges! They have successfully acquired the Brazilians’ flair for football. And they are now three-time champions of the FIFA World Cup! They have the fastest growing economy with over eight per cent of their citizens being billionaires! They definitely have an abundance mentality! The average 18-year old in that country owns her own business! They have used technology to create abundant wealth for themselves. They give more of what they have to offer the world for less money in less time and with greater quality! This nation has become the investors’ sanctuary and a tax haven for many! And they also have the largest per capita trade surplus in the history of the world.


Information and knowledge have become the world’s greatest equalizers which the citizens of this country have taken full advantage of. They use the combination of intellect, imagination and intuition in a way that causes people to wonder! They have what is now known as supernatural intelligence! They are ground-breakers inventing, discovering and creating WONDERS of all sorts! This nation has produced a Nobel Laureate every year for the past eight years in a row.

Dr. Tayo Finidi-Abalaka for medicine. He discovered the cure for HIV/AIDS. Dr. Hyelsinta Wanune, also for medicine. She discovered the cure for cancer. Prof. Preye Clark-Ovadje for promoting peace in the Niger-Delta region of New Nigeria. Dr. Ify Wilcox Adobo-Mohammed for literature, the second time the country has won it. The first was Prof. Wole Soyinka. Prof. Aghogho Attah-Maku for chemistry. Prof. Anietie Ndalugi for economics. She created the new more equitable economic concept that produced the E3 economy. Dr. Ayodele Aminu-Kano and Prof. Amina Uche-Udonquak, both for physics, but in different years. It is interesting to note that five of them are women.

A car designer by the name of Peremobowei Toju-Akindele has also shown himself a worthy citizen by designing what is now known around the world as The Wonder Car! Many young people from different countries queue up daily at this great nation’s embassies just to get a visa to visit this land of Wonders! These young people have heard so many amazing and intriguing stories about this great land of dazzling splendor and wonders that, now, they want to go and see for themselves. This world power is the head of an international organisation called ‘Wonder 8’. The organisation has successfully improved the standards of living in all African and former Third World nations to the same level obtainable in any Western nations. In fact, some of these countries have a higher standard of living than the West.

New Nigeria has shown that it is indeed its brother’s keeper! What is especially intriguing about these people is that they are the most compassionate set of people you’ll ever meet! By now, you are probably wondering: Who are they? Who are these people? Who are these extraordinary men and women that now walk on planet Earth?
You’ll know in just a minute! Stay with us, we’ll be right back.

Welcome back. This is BBC special edition of Phenomenon Extraordinaire titled “From Third World to Wonder World”. Years ago, Bernard Siegal said, “No matter what the statistics say, there is always a way.” The citizens of this wonder nation have proved him right time and again. In fact, years ago it was predicted that this same country would have disintegrated. But, on the contrary, as we can now see, it has become a wonder to behold! The strategies they used to become a developed nation simply don’t add up, going by just the facts. It defies all the so-called theories of economic development. It is definitely the 8TH WONDER of the world! However, what is apparent is that they discovered what works best for them and they have applied it to economic development and nation-building.
They had a perfect vision of where they wanted to go.


They allowed themselves to imagine freely and were able to come up with many surprising alternatives. As a nation, they have designed an alternative political institution attuned to the needs of their society. It is called the G3 government. It is also interesting to note that over 70 years ago, on September 21, 1966, at an ad hoc constitutional conference, their military head of state presented the possibility of a new political system. According to him, “This is an entirely new arrangement which will be peculiar to Nigeria [Newnigeria’s former name] and which has not yet found its way into any political dictionary.”
And G3 government is exactly that!

Some of the other surprising alternatives they have created in the process of nation-building are the E3 economy, the H3 education, the A3 agriculture, the M3 media, the S3 society, the F3 football/sports, the E3 environment, the A3 arts/entertainment, the H3 healthcare, the SC3 science and the T3 technology. By now you should know who these people are. This is BBC. Stay with us. We are going to take a short break and we’ll be back in just a moment!

And welcome back to this special edition of Phenomenon Extraordinaire, titled, “From Third World to Wonder World.”
Today’s headlines in newspapers the world over scream:
“Newnigeria The tax haven turns 80!”
“Newnigeria The investors’ sanctuary turns 80!”
“Newnigeria The trigger of Africa turns 80!”
“Newnigeria The 8TH wonder of the world turns 80!”

One particularly interesting headline reads, Cameroon returns Bakassi to Newnigeria as a goodwill gesture to commemorate its 80th independence anniversary. It’s quite amazing, wouldn’t you say? The citizens of New Nigeria have redefined everything, both locally and globally. Their ingenuity has finally paid off in a positive way.

They have successfully reproduced heaven on earth in their society. Sorry, we have to interrupt this programme for some breaking news. Stay with us as we go back to the BBC Broadcasting House in London.

This is BBC breaking news. A group of New Nigerian businessmen and women have just bought controlling shares in 10 multinational organisations. The organisations are Amazon, Mercedez Benz, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Visa, Facebook, Tencent, SAP and AOL Time-Warner. Speculations are that this group of Newnigerians, under the name Naigacorp Plc, intends to buy up a total of at least 12 multinationals listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

In case you don’t know who the new Nigerians are, they are citizens of the Federal Republic of New Nigeria, formerly known as Nigeria. The New Nigerians have done the impossible yet again!

We will bring more news to you as the events of the biggest acquisition ever unfold. Stay with us as we go back to our special coverage of this wonder nation of new Nigeria on Phenomenon Extraordinaire! Back to you, Femi.


Thank you, Jane Lane. This country, my parents’ homeland, is indeed a phenomenon and the 8TH Wonder! It never ceases to cause people to wonder. They consistently have the WOW effect on people they meet all over the world.

This great nation was able to achieve all this in last 20 years using new development strategies.

It was able to quicken rural development through the decentralization of government and energy, using microelectronic technology. They found a way around their energy crisis and now they use low-cost, non-polluting renewable energy. They have harnessed the power of solar energy like no other nation.

New Nigeria, without a doubt, is the 8TH Wonder of the world. What has happened in this country in just a few years is impossible to explain. It is nothing short of a miracle!

Wonders have become an art for the New Nigerians and they have just painted their masterpiece in the 8TH Wonder!

We’ll be back with more details on how the New Nigerians were able to become living WONDERS and how they built this mystery called THE 8TH WONDER!

That’s all for today on this special edition of Phenomenon Extraordinaire titled “From Third World to Wonder World” on BBC. I am Femi MaduDan-Fodio.

How can we make this happen? What can you do to play your part? What can you do to become the change you desire to see? Dream Nigerians dream!

Happy 60th Independence Day anniversary!!!


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