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Edo election: That ironic intervention of the Benin monarch: A Daniel comes to judgement

By Paul Amen Aifuwa
24 September 2020   |   9:22 am
What a day! The day when the situation of Ḙdo State political climate assumed a turn-around; when its crises and commotion that were smoldering into a ‘pandemic’ hazard was eased and tranquilized. It was Wednesday, the 2nd of August, 2020, like no other in Benin City: it was more or less the defining moment; when…

What a day! The day when the situation of Ḙdo State political climate assumed a turn-around; when its crises and commotion that were
smoldering into a ‘pandemic’ hazard was eased and tranquilized.

It was Wednesday, the 2nd of August, 2020, like no other in Benin City: it was more or less the defining moment; when it neither rained nor shined; when the heavenly assemblage of the Angels were also present, at their potent and benevolent ‘invisibility’, to enhance the occasion with the entertainment of the “maracas”: in solidarity and a nodding approval which acknowledged that the event was timely; and that it was the best “right thing” to do in the circumstance.

It was in regard of the ‘troubleshooting’ initiatives, by His Royal Majesty, ỌmọNọba Nḙdo, Uku Akpọlọkpọlọ, Ọba Ewuare II of Benin; in his Palace, towards the on-going stormy clashes, tensions, and frictions, in the concentric circles of the incumbent Gov Godwin Ọbaseki, of the People Democratic Party, and Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu of the All Progressive Congress; on the gubernatorial elections; coming up on the 19th September 2020, in Ḙdo State.

That the ember of its widespread furore had risen to a crescendo, with a frightening ‘collision course’, between both parties; who are about the same Kin and Kindred spirits, viewed from their Bini ethnic background; of whose recent and current antecedents (at campaign rallies), have gone virile in the public domain; so much so, as they bear less a necessity for a recount; at least, to save space, so that this piece may elicit no abstract distraction but hit the “bull’s eye”, with the attention it deserves; to be appropriately heeded by its particularly targeted the audience of the PDP and the APC members in Ḙdo State – inclusive of the Nigeria publics who have watched the event from afar, as the ‘startled’ innocent bystanders.

At this juncture, may it to be noted, that the uncommon intervention by His Royal Majesty, who is apolitical, is in keeping with, the saying that he who must “tackle a fight”, needed to first arrest a quarrel; in order of “first thing first”; (Bini illustration: “nọgha ka mu’gbina ọkamuḙzo…”); as his purviews are not directly linked politically with the “matters-arising”, but The Monarch, took up the gauntlet all the same; in accord with the saying that: “when the consequences of a home crises led to the passage of your fellow compatriots, it’s you, who’s by it, diminished”; while the pall of its grief deeply falls on you, psychologically and emotionally.

Just as it is your ultimate net of grief and sadness, if your people should suffer the brunt of a fortuitous occurrence(s): such event(s) over which the Binis have a saying: “Ovbiḙvbo gharie, ovbiḙvbo ọda…” such that informs the untoward foreground, that bears the
threats – akin to a Pandora box, with which the Edo people have been confronted, since the start of electoral campaigns: when it was observed that troubles were imminent in the horizon – as ravages in the political skyline of the State, that’s in all-pervading clashes and conflicts, ahead of the Ḙdo State’s governorship polls.

The Monarch had probably presciently seen these from the hindsight of a bare-faced of ‘real’ and clear outrage of ‘danger’; in the unusual signals of unabating drum-beat of ‘war’ and dare-devilry thuggery that were palpably felt, in the state’s political nooks and cranny.

It’s needless to say that these were the factors that propelled the moves by His Royal Majesty, who could not resist these somewhat ‘stings’; but like a “Daniel comes to judgement”, rolled up his sleeves and threw in his debonair and fatherly pre-eminent self, in the furious fray; to broker truce and sue for harmony and peace, among the embattled parties; with a view that the on-coming elections, from now onward, during and afterward, would be events that radiates an atmosphere of peace and untrammeled amity. This being an undertaking in a manner that showcases “if you want a thing done well, do it yourself”!

ỌmọNọba spoke ‘truce’, with vehemence and unequivocable candor; with a witting breath of “Solomon”; even as his voice vibrated in
solemnity, through the swarm of crowd-capacity of his large palace; whose audience included apparently, the two candidates – Gov Godwin
Ọbaseki (PDP) and Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu (APC), with their respective Deputies, the former Gov/National hairman of the APC, Adams
Oshiomhole; as well as top hierarchy members of the People Democratic Party, on one hand, and the All Progress Congress on the other – in a semblance of a gathering which unambiguously and without biases, reflected as a replete of Ḙdo States, as uniquely a unit, that hails from one big ‘family’; in the Nigerian socio-cultural and economic equation; as viewed binocularly, from the side of the ‘father’ and to the side of the ‘mother’!! (Ugha-ghu-ghegbe ogha-sikoko ni-fo, Oke-yevbḙ ‘gbe-okpa-erimahia khin-ugha-gbona okeyevbe noberha; ugha ghi ghobonokpa,keyegbe-nobiye – Bini translation) – all of whom are virtually the Ọba’s “majestic subjects-of-honor” which makes the ‘turmoil’ on our hands, looks like a sphere of a needless ‘fight’, in which brothers of the same kin and kindred spirits, are indulging in the unthinkable, to be at “dagger-drawn” with each other; as such a showing is presumed to be eerily unsightly before the core humaneness of man; let alone, before The Almighty, whom by Him, all humans were created!!

Again, this is without prejudice to the facts that the Monarch serves as an ancestral father to all, in between; and without oracular clairvoyance, you’d know, he’s emotively and proudly so attached to the People of Ḙdo State, inclusive of Nigerians at large; as an outstanding and committed patriot: in which symbiotic premise, and as a plenipotentiary of the Heavens, who’s by the Most High anointed, is with the preserve of words of conciliation and endearments, that are vociferously uttered with utmost sagacity; with sincerity and judiciousness, that are backed by democratic exactitude; which must not suffer the summersault of audience disobedience; but be taken for it; because, the King can hardly be found to prattle with words from his Royal lips, that are equated with trivialities; neither are they not bereft of comics ludicrousness, in order to evoke or provoke laughter… Ogie ghi ‘batḙmwḙn na-ba giḙ (goes the Bini translation); while he would gladly wish everyone to be equally successful as anyone else, who’s not in want of a benign electoral “conduct” against the states and its people, with particular reference to the forthcoming electioneering events.

This is the parallel ambiance of implicit frankness and sobering impartiality, in which His Majesty found it most endearing to speak; and while mincing no words he intoned, inter alia, an address that transcends an appeal, a counselling advices, cautions and zeroed-in on a
clamor that howbeit encored on peace; among the two major parties in the vaunted political tensions and conflicts.

Ḙdo State is in dire need of ‘all-round’ and a sustained tempo of ‘onward’ development. Ḙdo State is in want of the leadership with visionary and result-oriented poise; to engage in the momentum towards the enormous the tasks head. ỌmọNọba exclaimed: “my people”, “let us calm down”; “please be calm”; “remember, there’s life after elections”; “as you do not want to forfeit, neither sacrifice nor subject your ‘home’ for “Obodọibọ afterwards…”

This is sequel to the riotous tendencies displayed by the two opposing parties; that were unprecedentedly agitative and intimidating to the hapless but good people of Ḙdo State; so much so, as they were scurrying in quest of a “net of safety”! Again, so much so, that if this one-off ‘pacific gesture’ of the beloved ỌmọNọba to douse, eliminate and stave-off the inherent bellicosity from the parties’ campaign rallies, it would, certainly methinks, qualify a potent reference point for our Royal Majesty, ỌmọNọba Nḙdo, Ọba Ewuare (Ọba ghatọ-kpḙre!), for nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize!!!

In other words, “what joy is derivable, by the people, in whose behalf and interest, is the electioneering exercises, which in the final analysis, would’ve left your ‘homeland’ in ruins, shell shocks and wreckages – by the courtesy of the salvos effects from the rebel-rousing trenches of the gladiating party agents?

It’d temper most favourably even if one loses gallantly and honorably, with one’s respectability and love from the people still intact as leaders; than achieve a pyrrhic victory, by the hook of crook, through exhibitions that are violently scary with a taint of unorthodox approach; such that do not yield anticipated results; as they wear the toga of political malpractices which apparently attracts a trail of mayhem and chaos; to the lamentation and anticlimax of the people.

Hence, it’s said that: a frenzied and rancorous reactions to a given “event” is the peak of all that’s bad enough: like such intemperate and temperamental actions are antithetical to the ‘norms’ of life.

On this, is the instructive Bini illustrative maxim, which says: “Waghḙ ghi-balḙgbḙ!” “Ghi – ‘balḙgbḙ ghi ‘rhḙmwangbọn!! Otherwise let the manifesto, and a showing (at your rallies) depict what you can do or have done, to improve the lots and well-being of the people, be your persuasive selling points; while you deviate and veer from altercations and inflammatory utterances that ‘sting’ or push your opponent to an absurd sordid reaction; and focus only on constructive presentation that would be an added value, to blandish your acumen to “sell” your programs; such that would be sufficiently articulated, to stire away discords that may give impetus to a dimensional cesspool of troubles.

The parties would, do well, to prevail on their well-wishers and the teaming supporters, to maintain restraint: to do that which is only
congruently “right”: that they seath their swords; while you appeal to their oath of conscience, that the interest of the people should be of prime importance, that matter to you most; WHATEVER WILL BE WILL BE!!! Decease from the faintest idea of whatever may upset nor obstruct
or hinder the poll’s processes from now, during the polls, so as to guarantee overwhelming prospects of a free, fair and credible elections.

Above all, internalize and ponder over The ỌmọNọba’s precautious “out-pouring” and sincere words of advice to serve the purpose as projected. This is to seize the privilege of the opportunity to wish the two parties in contest, The Best of Luck at The Poll.

LONG Live The Edo State People’s Democratic Party
LONG Live The Edo State All Progressive Congress
LONG Live The Federal Republic of Nigeria
ỌBA Ghatọ Kpḙre Isḙ!