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Family as agent of change


Smiling family sitting in bed together

By Soneye Nosimot
In the context of human society, family is a social unit of two or more person related by blood, marriage or adoption and having a shared commitment to the mutual relationship.

Family is usually considered the most crucial agent of change and a little negligence on the part of family members on issues related to moral values and etiquette’s could impact negatively on society as such development could also have adverse effect on socialization process of the family.


Socialization occur throughout our life but some of the most important factor of change occur at the childhood stage. Other socialization agent apart from the family include schools, peers, and mass media.

Of all these socialization agent, the bedrock of them is the family as it provide the foundation on which  norms and values are instilled in a child.

Knowing that society norms and values must be inculcated at the home front, the child learns the language, speak and reach to public, how to respect and how not to disrespect elders knowing that charity begins at home.

It is noteworthy to state that the globalization has driven most children away from their parents and the adverse effect on the society is grievous as it has affected our language, the way we dress, respect for elders and ultimately our environment a lot of admanties have gone wrong in the society and parents are treating homes with lackadaisical attitude.

Recently, there have been a lot of parental negligence as a result of of economic downturn which has compelled many parents to spend more time away from their homes in search of their daily bread in the country. 

Parents now leave home very early, leaving their children to the television, house help and environment, while the explosive growth of the internet continues to contribute to the increase in the level of unbeneficial knowledge to the growth of family members especially the children.

Another crucial concerns is the danger computerization on the children as most parent don’t sensor what their wards watch on social media platform’s.


They involved themselves in many quarters, the rise in the growth of internet has also ushered in rise in phonography and other vices.

The family has become a divided unit trough unemployment as children now fend for themselves, and worst still.

Some parents demand money from their wards without knowing the source. It is heartbreaking that unemployment had thrown many families into corrupt , agent of terrorism, kidnap among others to earn a living. 

There is also the new “get rich quick syndrome” , rather than the promotion of dignity , most children from such family want fast money, rather than getting a decent employment.

A quick and proper intervention is needed from the government to bring back sanity in our home and society at large, if government could make a law that will benefit women in the sense that women will leave her place of work earlier than men and the work load on women should be reduce so that she will have more time for her family. 

Government should also stay alive to their responsibilities by providing more employment, security, and  shelter that an average family can benefit from.

As we celebrate the Word Family Day, it is important for all of us to put our house in order and make the family unit what it should truly be.

Everyone including the parents, religious bodies, the media and even the government should playground their parts actively.

If we are truly genuine about our interest in making Nigeria a better place, we all have to return to the basis which is The Family.

Soneye Nosimot wrote from Obada, Ogun State.

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