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FFK and simple gentleman conduct


Sir: I viewed with disarray and annoyance the video where a one-time minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Femi Fani Kayode (FFK) lashed a respected journalist of Daily Trust, Eyo Charles, who was going about his duties and responsibilities as a trained gentleman of the press. The said former minister did not only lash the journalist but labelled him ‘‘stupid’’ for asking a simple question. To be stated clearly, a public figure has little or no private life upon emergence as a public figure in whatever platform.

Every unit about him becomes what the public wants to know about. Searchlights could be beamed on his personal life which has an impact on his public life. It is in the hand of the figure to go which way they wish to go. But how come a simple question which gets either “no one” or further clarification as answer lead to using unprintable words on the respected personality of an individual whom findings show is way older than him? FFK has been known for his act of taking on the President Muhammadu Buhari on numerous matters without leaving out the APC and its members occupying various seats of power.
A trained journalist is free to engage any personality on any matter which needs attention and it is left for the said individual to clear off himself on the issue. The question can come in many forms but are usually used to trigger the hidden response from the personality whose response and demeanors are noted when responding. Doing his work while adopting different styles do not warrant him becoming a stupid entity to be lashed negatively by FFK who could not withstand a unit of what he does unlimited times to PMB, APC and others. 


One thing I respect President Donald Trump of USA is how he treat and hid away from questions to him from journalists. FFK would have simply said he is not responding to the question instead of disgracing himself? For the past weeks, FFK has been touring various states on the federation including Zamfara where he took on the person of the former Governor Abdul Aziz Yari same in an interview session. Known that his bank accounts have been frozen by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), the simple question of who is bankrolling him on his tour took him off completely without even composing himself in front of the cameras. What an attitude from a self-acclaimed ‘‘Elder Statesman.’’ In what capacity is he doing the tour? A senator or member of the House of Representatives? Probably because he is a former minister, a position last held more than five years. Definitely, as the Yoruba would say, there must be drummer whose beat he is dancing to.
I suggest he go to learn from other public figures and specially former Oyo State Governor, Senator Rashidi Ladoja, whose response to Nigerian Tribune’s Wale Ojo-Lanre’s question on “looking so dull, drab, unattractive, unintelligent, and without colour and thinking a dullard like him can be a reasonable governor of Oyo State where sharper minds have tried unsuccessfully?” Ladoja’s response proved his level of intelligence and even got him the platform to sell himself to the public. The look on the face and mood of the other journalists present brought me disappointment. How can you watch your fellow ‘‘watchdog’’ been berated without standing by him and putting a stop to his lack of self-control spewing. 

Shotonwa Waheed wrote from Lagos.


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