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Fighting for the soul of Rivers State


Rotimi Amaechi

Sir: A few weeks ago, the last senator in Rivers State deflected to APC and that make the three Senatorial districts to belong to APC. But, that is not the real issue. Governor Nyesom Wike and Mr. Rotimi Amaechi representing two parallel lines for now, in the political landscape of Rivers State, apart from their political differences, are both energetic sons of Rivers State. When I was discussing these great sons of Nigeria with a colleague, he told me point blank that my analysis of Wike and Amaechi looks unique as many Nigerians may not see both Amaechi and Wike as I see them.

It is said that when two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers, in their own fighting for the control of the soul of Rivers State, the people of Rivers State are benefitting. Wike has become the most active governor in Nigeria or rather, the most media friendly. From May 29, 2015, there was no day you would not see Wike on AIT. That television station must be smiling to the bank on the account of Rivers State government, every month or quarterly.

Wike has danced himself to the heart of the people of Rivers State by completing most of the abandoned projects since 2005. On the other hand, Amaechi is also making sure all the abandoned projects, especially railway lines are put back in working conditions. The last two Federal Administrations had promised us standard railway tracks but, there was nothing to show for it. Abuja/Kaduna Railway Line is now working.


The present Federal Administration has demonstrated willingness to put standard railway tracks to work in Nigeria, under the Minister of Transport, Mr. Rotimi Amaechi. Transformation is also going on both on maritime and land transportation. Rivers State would become epicenter of politics in 2019 elections. The PDP under Wike is making sure that its opponent the APC, did not “seize its thunder.”

As of today, APC in Rivers State is a house divided against itself. It appears the former governor is losing grip of the party to a senator who sees himself as the next governor of Rivers State. Wike is fighting the battle of his life to keep the soul of Rivers State with PDP.

Rivers State had been home to several professional conferences and this has made that state the darling of many professional bodies including footballers.

Wike was bold enough to tell the leadership of PDP that they would regret their action, if the party’s primary election for the choice of presidential candidate was not held in Port Harcourt. He was alleged to have of course, apologized for that statement. He was the first to see the recently deflected APC members of National Assembly as interlopers in the PDP. He did not trust any of them as he was bold to call them agents of APC. The APC and the PDP in Rivers State should please, make sure they do not waste the lives of the people of that state, because of their political ambitions. Politicians should note that those who kill to live would have death as sentry to their own life.
Sunday O. Ajai wrote from Lagos.

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