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Food-borne diseases increasing phenomenally

By Peter Awele Odor
06 July 2022   |   3:41 am
The United Nations recently, under the title Why improving food safety is important, wrote about the celebration of World Food Day on June 7, 2022: “World Food Safety Day...

Mararaba Abattoir, Nasarawa State.Photo/Nasarawafocus

The United Nations recently, under the title Why improving food safety is important, wrote about the celebration of World Food Day on June 7, 2022: “World Food Safety Day on 7 June aims to draw attention and inspire action to help prevent … food-borne risks …. This international day is an opportunity to strengthen efforts to ensure that the food we eat is safe, … and reduce the burden of food-borne diseases globally”.

The report provided this statistics about food-borne diseases: “an estimated 600 million cases of food-borne illnesses annually”, “an estimated 420 000 people around the world die every year after eating … food and children under 5 years of age carry 40% of the food-borne disease burden, with 125 000 deaths every year”. It noted: “unsafe food is a threat to human health”.

These facts make food-borne diseases a very serious issue because no one can live without food. Therefore, the issue deserves every action by the federal and state governments and, indeed, by all governments of the world, which will make human foods and animal feeds truly safe, and not approved for ingestion based on “generally recognised as safe” (GRAS) or “substantial equivalence”. Animal feeds are the substances that land and water animals are fed with by private businessmen.

These must be safe because infants, children, and adults eat the animals — cows, goats, fishes, etc — as meat and fish, and drink the milk and other liquid foods produced by or with them, children in the wombs of their mothers ingest them through the umbilical cords of their mothers, and researchers have established that toxins and other harmful or deadly substances contained in the feeds eaten by animals cause death to the humans who eat the animals or drink the milk or any liquid food produced by or with them.

The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in collaboration with the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation (UNFAO) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) did not declare World Food Safety Day before December 20, 2018. This is very much late. It is noted that if they had carried out their duties to humanity faithfully and honestly, the diseases and deaths which have occurred due to food-borne antigens, especially toxins, and which is more than the statistics provided by the United Nations, reproduced in the first paragraph of this piece, would have been prevented. The refusal to carry out their duties is a heinous and absolutely condemnable crime against humanity.

Why did the world get to this situation? The UNFAO, WHO and USFDA adopted the politics of hiding facts and lying to governments and nations that the so-called “genetically modified organisms”, GMOs, which they encouraged farmers to farm with has no ecological effects and that the so-called “genetically modified foods”, GM Foods, produced with them, are safe.

Therefore, they deliberately and consistently abdicated their duties of ensuring that GM foods are safe for consumption by humans and that GM feeds are safe for ingestion by animals. Take note that the declaration by the UN reproduced in the first paragraph said nothing about the so-called GMOs, GM foods and the synthetic chemicals produced and used as fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides while researchers have established that these cause deadly diseases.

To make clear their crime against humanity, it is noted that the first GM food to be produced, a tomato developed in the USA, with the commercial name Flavr SavrTH was shown to be toxic and deadly to laboratory rats through safety studies carried out by the independent and honest food safety company, Alliance for Biointegrity, USA, that its finding was confirmed later by several others, and that the USFDA withdrew it from the market because of this but declared that there will be no need for any safety study of GM foods in the future. It approved all GM foods subsequently based on “generally recognised as safe” (GRAS) and “substantial equivalence”, two absolutely unscientific and criminal bases.

Added to this case, Dr, Arpad Pusztai and others of the Rowett Research Institute, Aberdeen, Scotland, found, absolutely contrary to what his previous safety studies of lectin in crops evidenced, that the GM potato the safety of which the UK government required him and his team to determine as the condition for accepting GMOs from the USA, damaged the kidneys, livers and stomach of rats used for the safety study within ten days and caused them to die (1999). Safety study of the GM corn (NK603) developed over two years feeding period (2012), showed huge breast cancers caused female rats, prostrate cancers caused male rats, and harm to the kidneys, livers and other organs and tissues of rats of both sexes due to the GM corn. Pictures of their findings are available.

These cardinal researches showed that GM foods and synthetic chemicals cause cancers and harm vital organs and tissues and these cause death. Their other effects which lead to death is harm to immune system. But the UNFAO, WHO and USFDA rejected their findings because the companies involved, especially have enormous political power and control over presidents and them and most of them were their paid consultants.

It is noted that the deadly synthetic agricultural chemicals are sprayed on farms with helicopters and hand sprays as fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides. The IITA, Ibadan, and some agencies of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology, including the IAR, Samaru, Zaria and NRRI, Imudike, are also guilty of developing, field-testing and selling or giving GMOs to farmers.

The chemicals cause death because they get into the cells of vegetables, fruits, etc, and both humans and animals consume them and the foods produced in the industries with them. They cause death also because they are in the air which humans breathe in and are carried over long distances by the wind.
Odor, an independent researcher and public good promoter, wrote from Lagos.