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Governor Obaseki’s divine intactness


Edo State is becoming day by day a really interesting state. The pro-Obaseki supporters and the anti-Obaseki people make the state so. The passions of the governor’s crowd, supporters and friends and the agitations of his dislikers, haters and their mob constitute at the same time joyful and angry expressions we cannot but enjoy. Maybe I am importantly wrong to include you among the class of persons who see, smell, feel and touch the peculiar pleasure that Edo politics realistically and symbolically has sprouted since godfatherism has been forced to exist in the dreamer’s illusion.

In fact, since he who rightly killed and buried godfatherism in the state has been attempting to correct his boo-boo he inadvertently has been committing more boo-boos which his adversaries are repelling with fitting bons mots. And his mob, friends, and supporters don’t like at all what they are seeing and passing through. And their primordial pain is discomfiting them to the extent that far more than a handful of them are now hibernating outside the capital and seat of government of their wonderful state of fabulous culture. This shouldn’t be. Perhaps their primordial pain has led them astray. And with their being led astray discord and further discord are being, yes, are being created in the state. And we laugh the laughter we should not have laughed. Abi nor be true I dey talk?


In this column, I have preached the need for peace in Edo State. In this column, I have advised all the fighting parties to see reason and embrace love to move forward the state. In this column, I have told those whose instincts are against Governor Obaseki to follow the torch of the thought of God and co-operate with him in his service to Edo citizens, humanity and mankind. Instead of heeding me, instead of heeding my voice of reason and of love, which is really not my voice but the collective voice of superiors of deep insight from the domain of the higher world who dearly and deeply love the state and its denizens, they keep on running from pillar to post. The other day they ran to the national assembly in Abuja where they have been hibernating since they annihilated themselves from Benin City. Now they have cried to the presidency; no, they have cried to our president whom they are requesting to compel Governor Obaseki to order a second proclamation of the Edo State Assembly – according to some reports in some papers I read not long ago.

They must be told – and I hereby tell them – that they are strangling their parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, friends and all those who voted for them to enter Edo State Assembly to represent them by their refractoriness – a practical recalcitrance that might sooner or later generate a gruesome political ethic of suicide and genocide which those who elected them did not foresee or bargain for. If that is what they want, may the pleasure of it suit and abide with them? But Edo people should halt this pleasure of theirs. God’s anointed will prevail, has prevailed. I have said this in the past. And I hereby say it again.

This past Tuesday, October 29, 2019, The Nation and The Punch newspapers reported that “Oshiomhole, Obaseki feud gets messier.” I laughed and laughed when I read the story of the “messier” feud that led to the arrest of “Obaseki’s aides” presumably on the former governor’s order to those who arrested the alleged stoners of the all-powerful personage’s Benin residence. The supporters of both forces must be enjoying the pleasure of force versus force that is seemingly speeding irresistibly towards its limits. Because elders are never tired of talking and of preaching peace, we must keep talking and preaching to Edo State’s dramatis personae in their deadly game of force versus force in order for the essence of their politics and logic not to suffer shipwreck. My friends in the opposing camps must listen to me big time. They must reconcile, and when I say that they must reconcile I mean that they must truly and sincerely reconcile. And there must be no room or place for cosmetic and hypocritical reconciliation. The reconciliation must be on the basis of giving each side and their followers their rightful due, respect and honour. The present governor is the present governor, and the former governor is the former governor who happens to be the current national chairman of the present governor’s party. They must relate with one another befittingly, commonsensically, mutualistically, or commensalistically as political symbionts in the interests of their common state and party. Their long-term close, brotherly and political relationship and interaction must cease to be impaired now.

Those who have insight of a spiritual nature and those who have been following my words on the crisis or feud or disagreement or whatever we may call the knock and counter-knock between the erstwhile political soul-mates know that the current chaotic whirl in Edo State will lead but to one end: the victory of Governor Obaseki who has the Grace of God and who will continue to have the Grace of God. I was the one and only one who voiced that he would be the governor of Edo State even when the All-Progressives Congress was far from doing the party’s gubernatorial primaries. I was also the only one to voice out that all was not truly well between the governor and the former governor when both men were playing the games of concealment relating to their bad duel. Plagiarists, as always, started talking thereafter. And after the governor beat his PDP opponent in the gubernatorial contest, I was also the only one who told Pastor Ize-Iyamu not to waste his good time and precious money by going to court. I told him he would lose big time. And he did! Abi na lie? Once again, I am voicing it, as the Supreme Spiritual Masters (SSM), who are highly learned and knowledgeable, have directed me to say: “Obaseki is a hovercraft and a hover-train. He traverses strange latitudes and longitudes. He is politically intact as governor of Edo State now and in the next dispensation – if it ever happens. His is divine intactness. Put it down. Tell them.” And more and more which the Supreme Masters of Contemplation and Meditation enjoined me to withhold for now. But the governor must stay where he is, although it does not really matter if and whenever he decides what he must decide. But he must be positively protean in outlook and in his modus operandi and remain so. Of course, he must remain in his den without qualms. This is part of what I was similarly enjoined to deliver. May the blessings be, yes, may the blessings be! Peace profound!

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