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Healing the Nigerian polity and politics

By MC Asuzu
11 September 2022   |   2:44 am
It is always a good thing to know how the so-called educated people and their experts have defined or tried to define many things in life. However, that is when we are talking with such “educated”

It is always a good thing to know how the so-called educated people and their experts have defined or tried to define many things in life.

However, that is when we are talking with such “educated” people and “experts.”

On the other hand, when we begin to talk with normal people and those who have discovered the importance of such ordinary normal people, one does not need to look for such egg-head definitions. Common sense will most usually be enough!

So, in discussing the polity and politics in Nigeria, it is enough for us to remind ourselves that simply put, the polity is the people; and politics is the science and the art of inter-personal and inter-group relationships and organisation which allows the individuals or groups concerned to be able to influence power or decision-making about the entire organised people (the polity) concerned in the given place, for the purpose of pursuing the greatest good, and evenly, of all the people in the polity. Thus the common good is the sole objective of politics.

Anybody who therefore pursues politics for any selfish purposes, either of the individual or group self, is an abuser of politics! S/he is also an abuser of the people, the polity, whose common good, evenly, they will be thus abusing! With all due love and respects for those ruling us, one may say without any iota of doubts whatsoever, that the ground in these regards is no longer even in any ways at all!

There will seem to me now that there will be no normal person in Nigeria today who will not agree that since our existence in our various ethnic nationalities or since the selfish amalgamation and creation of the political geographic entity called Nigeria by our colonial masters, that politics and the common good in the entire place had never been abused as we have witnessed it in the last seven and a half years. If there are any such people who would say that they are normal and do not know of this abuse, I can only inform them that I will most respectively say nothing to them about it until this our all universally well-known “last day” comes!

Globally as well as by common sense, it is very easy to realise that good politics is best done non-partisanly. That is how the placing of all personal and other group interests over that of the common good may most easily be avoided. However, in very large countries or polities, especially at the other than local levels thereof (e.g., at the regional/state and national levels) political party-based politics become inevitable. However, in the civilised climes, everybody will know that the best and very good politicians have to remain bi- or multi-partisan in all their involvements.

They do not stick with their party lines in all their voting or speaking, especially when those party lines will undermine the common good. On the contrary, they will speak so very highly of their political parties for the good things about those. But for each question at hand, they will analyse the exact situation at hand and then urge one and all to stick with the common good as can be seen from their analysis of the facts. In this way, nobody may accuse them of being anti-party in such bi- or multi-party prone postures.

Now in Nigeria, everybody knows very well that our polity, the so-called Nigerian people, our various ethnic nationalities, are all so very sick indeed, politically! They, as individuals or groups, are hardly able to see, to talk less of speak, the good (and very many times, the very obviously good) things in each other! The virtual demonic levels of these disorders are simply seething from their very mouths when they speak of one another; and most often, they stick to such very silly things! And they not only fail to see such stupidities, but many times spew out such nonsense with such silly pride and arrogance. That is the fundamental disease of the Nigerian polity; all the Nigerian peoples all put together. Then secondly, is the fanatical religious madness one, of some of these our ethnic nationalities!

Unfortunately, it is also on these ethnic, tribal and religious fanatical stupidities that the political parties and their shenanigans have hovered around since after the only ever truly national and non-ethnic and non-fanatical religion-based political party that the great Sir Herbert Macaulay and his group set up in Nigeria before his eternal call. Some of those parties even had names, which tell everybody that they are not to admit all Nigerians; but only those from only one part of the country. In spite of that obvious incompatibility with democracy, the very self-interested British colonial masters who were supposed to be well educated in everything, agreed and registered such parties.

What type of Nigeria did they have in mind when they did such a thing, you would ask yourself! But must we continue with such habits of people who were not obviously interested in us (see the slave trade, etc!) as they were in their private national interests. So, our political miseries have continued along those lines. To live in a country where some people believe that the common good of all is or should not be an issue at all but the pursuit of the domination of others, their subjugation, the winning of elections howsoever corruptly and unjustly, is the matter at stake and a very grave pity indeed. Or, is it not?

The very engine house of our political corruption and miseries are no doubt our various ethnic, tribal and religious fanatical brands of selfishness. And at no time have we had and grown these absurdities as we did in the last seven and half years, most ably led by our one and only, most beloved Muhammadu Buhari. But shall we continue in that sin or leadership by their greater proponents and promised continuers thereof, so that suddenly and from elsewhere or even from the same corruption, goodness will arrive? God forbid bad thing!

It would therefore appear to me that this is not the way that any properly reasoning person should be thinking. The two “mega” parties (mega in their corruption, in their fanaticism, ethnic and religious bigotry, most open vote buying in naira and in dollars and most boastfully, etc.) that have ruined us in the last 23 years going, should honestly know that they must stop the brigandry now.

All the other political parties must get their acts together, and avoiding the leaven of these other profligate two, do their best to get us something worth looking forward to coming 2023! The time is not as short for this as some may think; in the face of the miseries that these mega political corruptions have brought us to; and with the restive state of our long assaulted polity! The ruling party must do well not to lead us to the political crisis that they would seem to be working for, by closing voters’ registration and verification; or the re-validation of previous registering, especially if they had been internally displaced from their previous homes. Other countries who understand what peace means do this right up to the voting day. Nigeria should not be too far from the world’s best practices.

Blessed are those who work for peace and progress, surely. But as for those who would choose to do otherwise, the arms of the Eternal One will surely be able to take care of them in due course.

With all due respect, every one of us Nigerians, including this writer himself, must regularly and very thoroughly keep examining himself, and repenting of any of the age-long Nigerian ethnic, tribal and/or religious corruptions in himself, in all the polity; for they are most widespread in all of us!

Without such repentances, voluntary or enforced, the recovery of our politics will take a very much longer time. Let us, therefore, do the needful; let us work for the common good of all Nigerians, every one of us; and God bless us, all!

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