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Here are new reactions to some stories trending on our website


b4 1Military in victory mode against B’Haram

A reader named Joseph said: ’’Kudos to the military, but they should not relent in their efforts. Our leaders must also not politicize the armed forces.’’

Ojiyovwi said: ‘’Congratulations to our gallant and patriotic members of the armed forces. Congratulations to GEJ for having the humility to explore all and every other way put an end to the madness of religious insurgency. The race must now be on to entrench personal pride in all our Northern brethren in the values that make us Nigerians. I’d like to take this time to urge the leadership to do what is right for our people and not for themselves. Provide the health and social infrastructure we envy in the developed nations around the world. We must wrestle pride in ourselves and our own ways of life. Greetings to all including those of our brethren misled into the falsehoods of Boko Haram.’’

Asuquo Bassey said: ‘’Congratulations and well done to our gallant soldiers for the victories so far achieved. I request you all our dear soldiers to finish the war quickly by flushing out all Boko Haram terrorists from the remaining local government areas in Borno State and also clear the Sambisa and other forests that serve as dens for Boko Haram terrorists. May Almighty God bless Our Armed forces, Mr President, Nigeria and Africa especially our friendly neighbouring countries in Jesus Name, Amen. Cheers and congrats.

Ojiyovwi commented thus: ‘’Many thanks for smoking out the Boko Haram insurgency’’

I request you all our dear soldiers to finish the war quickly by flushing out all Boko Haram terrorists from the remaining local government areas in Borno State and also clear the Sambisa and other forests that serve as dens for Boko Haram terrorists.

Jonathan chides critics of military, Nigerian donates N1m to armed forces

Nwaobilor said: ‘’God Bless our armed force men!’’ Emeka215 reacted thus: ‘’Any pioneer who ropes in the military in the legislative issues of increasing political force to represent the nation is foolhardy.”

Kevin Olushola said: ‘’
I think this criticism has turned to a habit. It is sporadic, keep it up armed forces. Your valour is admired.’’
Ibiwari Fred said: ‘’How is this negativity and criticism helping us, our soldiers need our support in any way we can, they’ve put their blood, sweat and tears in this. I commend their effort, nonetheless, we shall conquer this foe in due time, the insurgency will surely come to an end.’’

Chinwe Davis: ‘’Most of them haven’t even held or seen a gun, but all they do is criticize, our soldiers are trying. Its not easy at all.’’

Divine West on his part said: ‘’If all Nigerians can support these military men and women, they will do better and give their all for the protection of our lives. Our military are really trying to win this fight against Boko Haram and should be commended for that. They have done well.’’

Nelson David said: ‘’We should learn to appreciate our own not criticizing them, they have given us their best and it is bringing forth good result.’’

Bassey says: ‘’Nigerian military have done well in the fight against this insurgency and we are grateful to them. Some times I just imagine if it is I or my brothers fighting those guys out there. The sleepless nights and so many things out there.’’

Bala Isandu said: ‘’Of all the troubles of Nigeria’s tempestuous political environment that I have seen, there is none as dangerous, naïve and bereft of wisdom as the derogatory reference to the military by some (supposed) citizens of Nigeria. Its like one trying to undermine his own white blood cells…be wise, be matured


Atiku’s supporters back Jonathan

Latoya Lube said: ‘’President Goodluck Jonathan represents true federalism and good Nigerians must team up to ensure his re-election into office, good job for the Atiku’s support group.’’

Mrs Benita Akpan reacted thus: ‘’Sincerely you just spoke the heart of every true Nigerian.’’

Kevin Olushola says: ‘’You are correct, I see it as a civic duty to ensure Jonathan is re-elected.’’

Mr. Abdin said: ‘’Atiku Abubakar has said that he will never return to the PDP as the party is beyond redemption and it has become a party of those who took Nigerians for granted and hopefully they will allow him to rest. All what we are looking for is change and it has come. Nigeria needs change. Those who are desperate will never see the light of the day.’’

On Nwachi’s part he said: ‘’I am happy that many Nigerians are seeing where Dr. Goodluck is taking us to and I pray those political rejects in APC should put the nation first before self. It is also time to vote out oppressive governors.’’

A respondent by the name, The Nigeria Future Project, says: ‘’The real PDM just came out and disowned these guys and said they were fake.’’

Enumah said: ‘’Now I am convinced that Jonathan has a strong edge over the opposition.’’

Nwaeke: ‘’Am up and grateful everyday for such a wonderful President we have in Jonathan.’’

Nwaobilor agrees: ‘Let’s do it for GEJ one more time.’’

Lucius says: ‘’GEJ has my vote, I never needed convincing. All the adverts on TV are for lay men that don’t travel and lack the sense of comparison’’

Bello Isah believes that: ‘’At the end of the day, the PDP shall sing songs of victory.’’

Ndubuisi Ezi reacted thus: ‘’Bad move that can’t change God’s will for poor masses. Atiku tried it with dollars and Buhari floored him at the primaries. God is on the side of the poor masses. If the Lord be for us who can be against us. Pharaoh must allow us go by fire by force. Nigeria must be better, PDP bye bye, 16 years is more than enough to prove a point. Tired of excuses and passing of bulk. Only evil minded enemies of the masses will vote for symbol of failure, glaring corruption, insecurity, poverty, incompetence, deceit, high cost of our God given petroleum products, and patching of roads.

and airports which PDP represents. Stop deceiving Nigerians by promoting evil. For now the cap fits Buhari considering our problem; corruption, transparency and accountability period and Jonathan is far from it. Be wise.’’

Divine West said: ‘’ 
I’m not surprised about this, even Atiku is meant to vote for Jonathan on that day.

Kemi said: ‘’Winning is sure for Mr President.’’

Perrymarvis2014 said: ‘’Hungry fellas who are looking to cash in on their own dollars that is being dished out in the South West will fail as usual because the Buhari train has already left the station.’’

Switzerland to return $380m to Nigeria in Abacha case

Reacting to this story, Sal Yarima said: ‘’I sense a manipulation here ….. why now?’’

Ogheneotsuko reacted thus: ’’ Buhari was in Abacha’s government. He cannot claim to be innocent.’’

Sammyo said: ‘’Thats life, the man Buhari is an innocent man, pure like him and Obasanjo, by now Abacha and his family have returned over 2 billion dollars to Nigeria government. ‘’

Pinco on his part reacted: ‘’Buhari said that Abacha did not steal any money. Haaaa haaaaaa.’’
Joseph asked: ‘’When it is returned, do we get to know how it is spent?’’

Fear of flood heightens as rains begin
Joseph said: ‘’I just hope residents will clear their drains to avoid flood. The state government should step up its anti-flood measures.’’

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1 Comment
  • Paul Sani M

    at least we can see for our selves that true Nigerians are on the side of progress and are really commending the effort of the government and military in their bid to clear Nigeria of insurgents. Kudos to all you who see the light in the end of the tunnel from onset. I’ll say fafafafaffowl to the opposition for making every news on BH political and constantly calling out on the Nigerian government as if they the government doesnt have any working plan on ground. #GEJ4naija