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High tech lynching of a black man

By Basil Ogbu
14 April 2022   |   2:36 am
The US Patents nos1) US10086182b2; 2) US11071851b2 and 3) US11116952b2 which were invented by Mr. Basil C. Ogbu, have been assigned to a pharmaceutical company.

The US Patents nos1) US10086182b2; 2) US11071851b2 and 3) US11116952b2 which were invented by Mr. Basil C. Ogbu, have been assigned to a pharmaceutical company.

This Patented Product/System/Equipment is a safe, effective and a very highly developed version of the time tested device, used by the Igbo Nation (the Descendants of Juda -the West African Jews that live in the South-Eastern part of Nigeria), in their practice of “native”/naturopathic medicine.

The Equipment is used for Steam Therapy, a process designed for the removal of impurities (toxins) from the human body (Detoxification).

The Igbo Nation calls the process “Ogwu Okpukpu” They use it among other things, for the treatment of “Iba” (Malaria), “Ife Mkponde” (Sundry Respiratory Ailments) and for the general detoxication of the human body for wellness and good health.

The process involves, using the equipment to generate steam (heat and moisture), which is maintained between 30 – 50  Degrees Centigrade; the steam so generated, is then made to permeate the equipment user’s body, through the pores in one’s skin. The temperature of the steam is adjusted/regulated up or down within the above-stated range on a case by case bases, depending on each individual’s tolerance and state of health. The steam upon entering the body induces sweating/perspiration, which consequently, leads to detoxification.

The Igbo Nation in their “Native” medicine practice includes plant materials such as • Mango leaves • Papaya leaves • Guava leaves • Unripe Pineapple fruit • Lime fruit and leaves • Banana leaves • “Dogonyaro” leaves • Moringa Oleifera leaves.

• Lemon Grass, etc., in the water from which the steam is to be generated. This is said to improve the efficacy of the process.

A number of studies conducted by the United use “High Heat and Humidity”, to disable/inactivate viral-induced respiratory infections seem to corroborate the above ancient practice.

Some such Studies include: • “Using Heat to Kill SARS- CoV-2 – NCBI”, Thermal Inactivation of Coronavirus.

• “Increasing Temperature and Relative Humidity Accelerates Inactivation of SARS- CoV-2 on Surfaces.

With all these patents, I am supposed to be a happy man, right? The answer is NO. I am not a happy man. My problem started sometimes during my first patent application in Detroit Michigan, inside my house was sprayed with some type of Chemical that gives me a body ache and makes me sick when inhaled.

I made incident reports with the Detroit Police Department and the FBI in Downtown Detroit but did not get any help.

The torment was unbearable for me, I left for Nigeria for 2 years, and came back to North Carolina at the end of June 2021.

While in North Carolina, my vehicle parked outside overnight was still being sprayed with that Chemical that makes me sick when inhaled.

I ran away to Georgia and the same thing still happening to me.

Again very unbearable for me I wrote letters to the President of the United States of America, the Vice President, the Attorney General and the Assistant Attorney General requesting help (equal protection of the law), I got a reply from the Civil Right Division of the Department of Justice, instead of providing me with that equal protection of the law which is guaranteed by the US Constitution, they suggested I contact the American Bar Association and Legal Services Corporation; letter attached, I did as was instructed but did not get any help.

Based on the communication I had with the US Justice Department, I decided to make an incident report with the Henry County Police Department on December 23, 2021.

Before I wrote the report, the Officer asked me a couple of questions while his recorder was on.

When I picked up the police report, and on the Officers narrative, he said that I told him, and I quote “Mr. Ogbu told me that ever since he got the patent, he noticed every time he got into his Vehicle, he would smell some type of chemical coming from his air vents” (The Officer laying a false foundation). The underlined statement is not a true representation of the statement I wrote or verbally told the Officer which he recorded.

There were never any investigations conducted, samples of the air or carpet in my vehicle were never taken to the lab for analysis, on assumption, the Officer concluded that Mr. Ogbu was having an undiagnosed mental health condition; laughable indeed.

I wrote a letter to Chief Mark Amerman, the Henry County Chief of Police requesting to recant the mental statement issue, still, I have not received any response from him.

I also wrote a letter to the Henry County Sheriff, Reginald B. Scandrett requesting equal protection of the law. His Secretary called and left a message on my voicemail, and I called back severally the next day and wrote an email to her but no response. Still, my vehicle is being sprayed with chemicals, also they fill my radiator up with Chemical.

After the publication of my invention in The Guardian Nigerian Newspaper, the intensity of the chemical attack has increased.

My Offense is being a black man and inventing something useful.

I am pleading to President Barack Obama, President George Bush, President Clinton, President Biden, Dr. Bernice King of the Martin

Luther King, Minister Louis Farrakhan, Reverend Al Sharpton, Black basketball players, Congressional Black Caucus, All the good white people, President Obasanjo, President Buhari, Minister of Foreign
Affairs Geoffrey Onyema, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Adodo to come to my aid.

They don’t lynch like they use to do it in those days, rather they do high tech lynching by exposure to chemical or biological substances, which is still happening to me right now.

Ogbu, the inventor of steam therapy equipment for Good Health and Wellness.

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