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Hold it, Yari may be right!


The Governor of Zamfara State, AbdulAziz Abubakar Yari, has stirred up the hornet’s nest when he said the cerebrospinal meningitis ravaging his state is a spiritual consequence of the unworthy conduct of some of the citizens. They are being visited with Divine punishment through the disease for their untrammeled acts of fornication. A great many were shocked. What has a moral issue got to do with meningitis? AIDS, yes. Sexually Transmitted Diseases, alias STD, yes. These are afflictions that have been proven can be contracted through keeping multiple sexual partners. But for the governor to attribute the outbreak of cerebrospinal meningitis to fornication is strange and stretching the matter too far.

Cerebrospinal meningitis is an airborne disease. Therefore, where is the connection? Armed with their cudgels critics went to town in search of Governor Yari to teach him a lesson in leadership in the 21st century.

Professor Douglas Anele of the Department of Philosophy, University of Lagos, has harsh words for the governor. Said he: “When I was reading the news item, I had to remind myself that I am in 2017, not in the medieval ages. Frankly speaking, it is a symptom of the very low quality of leadership we have in Nigeria.” He went on, “Somebody at that level of political power, who has the lives of millions of citizens of that state entrusted in his hands, instead of looking for experts to map out ways of handling meningitis, he is now taking refuge in religious escapism, so to speak. To show you how out of date and primitive he is, he says that it is fornication that triggered God’s anger on the citizens of Zamfara….There are things you would hear and wouldn’t even know how to respond. The sad question is, are Zamfara citizens the worst fornicators in Nigeria?” Abimbola Adelakun, the lovely and delightful twin sister of Azu, was characteristically unsparing and Reno Omokri, former President Goodluck Jonathan’s special adviser on electronic media, not only mocked the governor, saying his statement was the most outlandish thing he had heard this year, but asked him to step down as chairman of the Governors’ Forum.


Here is what the governor said: “What we used to know as far as meningitis is concerned is the Type A virus. The World Health Organization, WHO, has carried out vaccinations against this Type A virus not just in Zamfara, but in many other states. However, because people refused to stop their nefarious activities, God now decided to send Type C virus which has no vaccination. People have turned away from God and He has promised that ‘if you do anyhow, you see anyhow’. That is just the cause of this outbreak as far as I am concerned. There is no way fornication will be rampant and God will not send a disease that cannot be cured.”’ A pastor dismissed the statement by the governor as superstition which education that engenders critical thought would simply put in retreat. “…widespread ignorance is a form of darkness that could be judged as sinful before God”, he said.

As of the last count, 438 persons have died from the disease which reports say has spread to 16 states. It is generally agreed there will always be consequences for our actions or inaction, for our conduct. What is foggy and in dispute is how fornication can lead to the onset of cerebrospinal meningitis which is an airborne virus. What is generally not recognized and where recognized, glossed over is that our world is governed by the Creator, the All Mighty. What is beyond what our physical eyes can see or absorb is void, whereas it is not so. The seeming void is filled with activities. Unseen nature beings, forces of nature, the builder servants of the Most High, the Creator of all, are at work. These beings have for ages been recognised in all cultures all over the world. Some are for trees; they are male elves; some are for flowers giving them glow and radiance, exquisite. They tend such delicate plants. They are female elves. There are those for water, for rains, ice, blizzards which also tend the oceans. There are gnomes which build mountains, maintain or dissolve them. They are gnomes. Depending on the nature of their activities, they are of various sizes and heights. Those tending mountains for example are unbelievably huge, beautiful and tall such that their heads touch the clouds. Our forebears not having seen any such giants before and believing them to be God began to worship them. Those that are tiny prepare sands. So was it that the people of old had what they called gods and goddesses. Those for water are known as water sprite, combining two molecules of hydrogen with one molecule of oxygen to give us water. There are others – sylphs and salamanders, the former in charge of air and wind, and the latter in charge of fire. There are others that weave our carpet of fate according to Law and in absolute loyalty to our Maker. It is said in higher knowledge spreading on earth today that if our inner eyes were suddenly to open and behold them in their activities we would just be lost in wonder and amazement.

As the saying of our fathers goes, “Ashes fly back in the face of him who has thrown them.” We all harvest what has been sown in the soil of life in the inflexible and self-acting Law of sowing and reaping, also known as the Law of Reciprocal Action. Why then will it be difficult for the nature being, sylphs, in charge of air and wind, tornadoes and storms to distribute viruses, Type A, Type B or Type C to those who have given rise to their coming into being, through thoughts, speeches and the act of fornication itself? The Laws, three basic ones, are the manifestations of the Holy Will, the Holy Spirit, the Executive Justice of God the Father. This is the connection to which Governor Yari sought to draw our attention. He did not mean to be judgmental because “We have all fallen short.” We are now in the Age of the Holy Spirit.

There are three Ages, the Age of the Father; the Age of the Son, the Lord Jesus Christ; and the Age of the Holy Spirit. We are familiar with the knowledge of the earth revolving around its axis to give us day and night every 24 hours, and around the sun in 365 days to produce seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter in the Temperate Region which for us in the Tropics are collapsed into wet and dry seasons. There is another movement carried out by our planet through the instrumentality of the power of attraction of the moon. Because of its own slow movement, we have 25,920 years for the planet to give us what is called the Platonic Year or the Great Year. One month of this Platonic Year produces an Age which is 2,160 earth years. And so we are wont to say the Lord Christ was on earth roughly 2,000 years ago. Now we are in the Age of the Holy Spirit with the earth conditioned in the direct reach of new radiation field emitting power and rays giving rise to the proverbial Climate Change, staring us in the face or hitting us even when we bury our heads in the sand like ostriches.

Different countries are experiencing earth quakes, volcanic eruptions, landslide, flooding, severe drought, severe cold as well as scorching sun from atmospheric disturbances, and weird aberrations of we human beings, all heralding the Trumpet of Judgment that will clear away all that is untoward, which cannot stand the test of the Holy Will of God in preparation for the establishment of Millennium, the 1000 years of peace here on earth. There is palpable tension in the firmament. Together with abundant power being poured into our world, there is intensification and acceleration of events. What in the past would have taken say 40 years today has its cycle closed within months. Teachers of Mankind and Prophets were sent to bring us enlightenment drawing from the Word of Truth, on how we should live and conduct our affairs. Then the Lord Himself came. Not only did they teach they all warned us of these times. Isaiah did not mince words. They warned us of the consequences of our not heeding the Divine Laws, the Laws of Nature which are immutable, incorruptible, living and animating, and automatic in their outworking. They bear the Will of God Almighty.

As a sign of the time, there is hardly any occurrence that experts who occupy themselves with the phenomenon do not say is worse than the previous one. Take for example, the Fort McMurray wildfire in Alberta, Canada, on May 01 last year. It was described as the costliest disaster in Canadian history, destroying about 2,400 buildings. The fire led to the largest wildfire evacuation in Albertan history. In August 2015, Tianjin Port fire and explosions left no fewer than 173 people dead, damaging about 300 buildings and over 10,000 vehicles destroyed. In 2014, fires reported in the United States totaled 1,298,000; they caused 3, 275 civilian deaths. The following year, 2015, the figure went up to 1,345,500, leaving 3,280 dead and 15,700 injured. The property damage was put at $14.3billion. Flooding in South East Louisiana in September last year, 2016, close to the peak of the country’s Presidential campaigns, damaged 40,000 homes and 13 persons died. In August, flooding cost the U.S. economy between $10billion and $15million. According to reports floods in Florida led to respiratory problems and the U.S. National Flood Insurance that holds policies for more than five million homes, said agonizingly that it was in $23billion debt after a string of national disasters. This is in spite of America’s technological advancement which ought to be able to predict disasters well ahead of their arrival! For Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Mali to mention just a few, the picture is no less scary. Little wonder Terence McKenna says in his profound summation: “Nature is not mute, it is man that is deaf.”

Here is a report of an online publication I read some time ago: “About 15,000 people are murdered in the United States every year. More than 38, 000 die of drug overdose, half of them from prescription drugs. More than 40 per cent of babies are born out of wedlock… a healthy chunk of those children go on to murder other children, sexually assault grandmothers , bury little girls alive. All our elite cultural institutions laugh at virginity and celebrate promiscuity….Ebola kills our body; the virus of spiritual bankruptcy and moral decadence spreading and many Hollywood movies infect the world.”


The scriptures say, “We cannot live in sin and expect Grace to abound.” What this means is that we cannot live in sin without fateful consequences. Fornication is a violation of the Commandment of the Lord, one of the Ten Commandments of God given to Moses on Mount Sinai. It is revealed in higher knowledge that we cannot breach any of the commandments with impunity. This is the point Governor Yari courageously seeks to remind us of, not just the people of Zamfara State but all of us in this country and others who may be open to receive and heed his admonition which came out of conviction demonstrated by his reaffirmation of his pronouncement to the Press at the Villa in Abuja after a meeting with President Buhari.

In Grace lie good health, wellness and other blessings that make life worth living. Fornication is an act which is preceded by thoughts. Then there is speech, or communication through gestures, mediation by emissaries or letter writing as in the time of old. Because the thought is base the author of the thought is dragged down. We may all have experienced the sinking of the heart caused by our wrong doing, or inner upliftment and a feeling you want to fly when the act is goodness. These thoughts leave us and take on form in another plane of our world, the unseen plane. Speeches have their own plane for anchorage and take on form and create their own power centres.

All that emanates to flow from out of us creates power centres from where they send out radiations to influence even others who may have dropped their guards. And the filth grows in expanse and density. These others too have been contaminated. These are connected with those who may have sent them out through what is known as radiation threads. What can anybody expect from filth, from rubbish deposited unceasingly over time if it is not worms, bacteria, all kinds of organisms and viruses, whether in our physical world or in the ethereal world that is called the Beyond? The nature beings that work in absolute loyalty to the Light, to the Lord, weave all the proceeds of our activities into our carpet of fate with matchless, immutable and incorruptible accuracy. They tend them diligently because they are seeds and nurture them all through maturation process, to flowering, bearing of fruits and ripening. When the fruits are ripe they are returned to the sowers for harvesting—good or bad, sweet or sour.

Beautiful thoughts are similarly woven. They form their own power centres as well from where increased noble thoughts go out to the world. Instead of debasing and deepening our depravity, they ennoble, they uplift and strengthen our resolve for dignity and honourable conduct. Everything blossoms in beauty, good health and good living. It is therefore not for nothing and without foundation that we are told to lay our treasures in Heaven where rot and moth can reach not! And so we reap as bountiful harvest what we have sown in the soil of life. Good deeds and good conduct form the ladder of ascent to higher Spiritual Light Realm that is Paradise, the land of bliss, joy and everlasting joy and happiness, the land of joyful activities, the land with the roads paved with gold, the land with radiant and exquisite flowers, goggling, purest brook. It is the ladder—to, in the words of the Psalmist, New Jerusalem, the land of Glory and our Home Above. That is only a rough, coarse sensing. It is more.

In every attack of cerebrospinal meningitis, AIDS, cancer or diabetes medical experts say the immune system is the first casualty. The red blood corpuscles, the antibodies, are weakened. The reason is traceable to the nature of our bodies. Our bodies are composed of elementary particles which themselves are made up of sub-atomic particles which derive from spirit motes that stream down from the highest Heights. The core of our souls is spirit. All of us human beings are therefore spirits encased in cloaks the last of which is the body we all see with our physical eyes. When the said body is discarded, the soul moves away and we talk of death… the enemies have done their worst after all!! The spirit mediates radiations which because of its affinity with the spirit motes that constitute the elementary particles with which our bodies were constructed by nature beings, the builder servants of the All-Highest revitalise and animate the cells.

The radiations nourish our bodies, the cells that form different organs, the heart, the kidney, the liver, the lungs, the esophagus, the eyes, the brains, and every organ. Because of present day lifestyle and inordinate, uncurbed material pursuits with scant regard for the spiritual, it is revealed in higher Knowledge that the radiations are weakened and dimmed such that they are scarcely able to exert the expected revitalizing influence on the cells and the organs to boost our immunity for all-round wellness, for radiant health. With the impairment, the cell molecule structure is altered; the normal working of the liver is hampered. There is fermentation. The advent of cancer terror or its twin affliction, diabetes, sets in.


The alteration with consequent hampering of the spirit also walls up the spirit and burdens it. The guidance and warning which the intuitive perception has at its command are constrained. The hind brain, the spiritually receptive part of our body is sent to sleep or it atrophies. Revelations given to God’s own in their sleep become impossible. Dreams get foggy, hardly helpful. As a result we become wholesale dependent on the intellect to guide us. The intellect, although the highest material instrument available to us, being material, cannot go beyond its own consistency. It is thus limited to space and time in range, whereas the intuitive perception scans beyond space and time and it does not ever go wrong. It is possible the governor was addressing us after experiencing a momentary opening of this intuitive faculty, the voice of the spirit. Fornication can therefore lead to an infliction of cerebrospinal meningitis.

Why is Lagos spared? Why is Port Harcourt left free and why is the affliction not ravaging Abuja which the governor’s critics made reference to? This is simply because the environment is different and the listed cities may be exposed to a different radiation come their own time of harvest with manifestation probably coming in different guises. May be through flooding in which no fewer than 350 die with no survivors!! Who knows?

Luke reported the Lord Jesus Christ as saying, “All things have been entrusted to Me by My Father. No one knows who the Son is except the Father, and who the Son is except the Son and anyone to whom the Son desires to reveal Him.” In verse 23, Luke records as follows: “Then turning to His Disciples He said privately, ‘The eyes that see the things you see are blessed! For I tell you that many prophets and kings wanted to see them; to hear the things you hear yet didn’t hear.”

Thanks, thanks, and many thanks, Governor AbdulAziz Abubakar Yari!


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