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How well secured are gardens in Abuja?


Sir:The difference between Abuja, the federal capital territory of Nigeria and many other states of the federation is that it is well planned and resources were pumped into it. 

Although, the suburban areas are not as developed as the city centre. The capital has so many designated relaxation spots, popularly called gardens, where people can go and relax and not been harassed for not buying something.

However, some uncooked garden administrators put notices for compulsory purchases else they may be forced to ask patrons to leave. I wonder if they understand the importance of natural settings to human beings.

Isn’t it true that it is easy to engage in quiet sobriety when one is around natural settings? I have been to many gardens in Abuja, some a stone’s throw from where I live.

What I find worrying in most gardens in the capital city is the near absence of security men. And yet, the times when I did see security men, they came in droves with guns looking for people who are in the habit of smoking Indian hemp in the garden, guns in places where civilians congregate. They aren’t interested in securing the environment other than looking for Indian hemp smokers. That tells you about the policing philosophy of the police; they hardly have a clear-cut domestic agenda to police the country.

These fits and starts way of handling security issues may discourage decent people from going to the gardens in Abuja to relax and may increase the loneliness epidemic people suffer from at home, in the offices and possibly increase the level of depression in society. What is even worse is that smokers pay their way out of police troubles when they are apprehended by the police only to return again. Of what use, therefore, is the constant pursuit by law enforcement agents when garden administrators and culprits bribe some degenerate police officials only for them to return to disturb public peace, again and again? The above is a major concern. It is a known secret that Indian hemps are sold inside the gardens in Abuja and people of all sexes smoke this outlawed substance openly not minding if it affects non-smokers. That is the bane of Nigeria’s public life. We care nothing about the concerns of other people.

The fight against insurgency, which is never-ending, makes it imperative to secure the lives of people and properties lest good-for-nothings with devil-may-care-resume who always display harebrained attitude will be on the lookout as they are habituated to doing to cause trouble: some deathly. I hope our garden administrators and the security agencies in Nigeria will rise up to the occasion to do the needful. Not long ago military personnel, as reported, was knifed to death in a garden at night. Insurgencies start gradually and a responsible state nips it in the bud before it festers.
Simon Abah wrote from Abuja.

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