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How will Atiku enrich his friends?



Sir: Eventually I cornered Sherifatu Kayode Bolaji (SKB). She told me that alufansa means abusive words of hatred (ọ̀rọ̀ ìkórira). But Tunde Okunlola decided to quote Atiku Abubakar out of context that he would enrich his friends, and his (Tunde’s) accomplice, Taiwo Adediran gave the expected verdict, “It is quite a goof and it is not expected.”

Why was it that neither Tunde nor Taiwo highlighted on “as long as there is no corruption there,” which Atiku added? Well, Tunde said ab initio that he was on air to focus on Atiku’s “I will not enrich my family but my friends.”

Is it not possible for a person to enrich his or her friends without corruption? People are affected in their thinking and imagination by their own characters.


No, Atiku did not goof. If Taiwo asks Atiku: Who are your friends? I will not be surprised to hear something like this, “You are one of them,” and some other consoling things for Nigerians that I can imagine Atiku would say.

In 2015, Taiwo was justifying the President, General Muhammadu Buhari (GMB) to perpetuate the war against Boko Haram, insisting that Boko Haram was at the verge of being defeated, to counter my insistence that only dialogue will appease Boko Haram. Taiwo has thereby contributed to the carnage and economic destruction of Nigeria.

Who are Atiku’s friends? Jesus is quoted as saying that whoever is not against us is with us. Look at the treachery that was calculated to elicit the condemnation of Atiku: “Atiku said he is going to enrich his friends” and Taiwo simply rode on Tunde and went as far as saying to a caller: “What Atiku said was that he was going to favour his friends.” Yet some of the callers understood that, that was Taiwo’s interpretation of Atiku who said he would enrich his friends as long as there is no corruption involved.

Why did Atiku not say he would impoverish his friends? I believe Tunde and Taiwo must have been paid to do the dirty job, as in 2015 when they kept justifying continued war against Boko Haram.

Yet, it is criminal to single out a phrase from an explicit statement to nail a person without asking: What do you mean? Atiku said he would enrich his friends “as long as there is no corruption there.” But what does it cost people who decide to be mischievous?


If the banks are not private-driven, what would have become of them? Where are all the government owned banks of the past? Supposing the cheapest mobile phones we are using today are government-owned? Yes, government property is nobody’s property and so it is almost always up for looting, worldwide.

With the extent to which the current President has been preoccupied with militarism, electricity would have collapsed totally if the presidency of Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan did not privatise it. Look at hyper inflation and skyrocketing debts, coupled with endless carnage and economic destruction of Nigeria.

University teachers are on strike and the students are languishing at home.

Workers are frustrated over the paltry N30, 000 minimum wage, etc because GMB’s priorities are militaristic and destructive of the economy.

Yes, Atiku knows what to do. Nigerians should not vote again for war but for Atiku to pursue peace and reorder Nigeria for progress and stability.

Once privatised, the refineries will bring huge revenue through taxation and fuel subsidy on which GMB and his cronies are sitting will become past history. Barawo bansa! ògbójú olè! oyiochi-oyiara!

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