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If Nigeria must develop


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There is absolutely no gainsaying in proclaiming what is not possible as far as Nigeria is concerned as a country. As a matter of fact, the leadership and the subjects of the country cannot specifically say where the ship of this voyage is leading us. We all know where we have come from, but nobody can affirmatively state where and how the destination will be. The majority of the people in Nigeria in this current state of the country believe that there is no way out of the situation we have found ourselves because the incidents in the past have signaled a bleak future for the country. Some of these people offered solutions to the impasses that we have found ourselves in Nigeria, but those solutions are still unacceptable by some sets of optimistic people of the country.

The fact that those solutions are unacceptable by some geopolitical zones is still causing another powerful problem for the leadership of the country. In Nigeria, he who plays piper does not even know what the tune is. The southerners are of the view that the country should be divided, while the northerners tagged the oneness of Nigerians as their major goal. Despite the different idiosyncratic nature of the people of the country, there are still some steps to take if Nigeria must develop.


If Nigeria must be rapidly developed, Nigerians should cease going too big when it comes to problem-solving. These problems we are dealing with currently did not just start emerging from the leaders. The problems started from the root, and they should be solved from the root. If all Nigerians are good, there would not be room for a bad representation in the government. We can never stop a tree from growing by cutting off its leaves, but by crushing off its stems and roots. Each of the citizens in the country makes it a country.  If we cannot make corrections at our immediate local government offices, how are we going to take care of the remote state and federal governments?

The secessionists, who want to take their drums away only because of the fact that they are the best drummers, should only consider the consequences of their actions. They should remember that we have come from different places with a view of achieving greatness together, and there is no way there would not be differences. We have been saddled with the responsibility of building a tower of unity. Some of us are the pillars; some are the roofs, and some are the real buildings. If a part of the tower decides to go away, the tower will crumble and collapse, and miserably we will start to build again. If Nigeria must develop, there must be unity in diversity. In Mahatma Gandhi’s words, “Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilization.”  If Nigeria must survive, we must plan to achieve the oneness of Nigerians even in diversity.
Our leaders also, the constitutional and conventional ones, should know that if Nigeria must develop, things should be done genuinely without any form of lackadaisical attitudes. After securing a weaver to preside over any constitutional post in Nigeria, leaders tend to change the form of government indirectly to that of a clueless one. A number of politicians in Nigeria know nothing about governance and ruling processes. Politicians should be sensitized not by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) again but by the people who are representing.
People usually view Nigeria as a country pessimistically because of the future of the country. I feel it would be better not to join the bandwagoners to say that Nigeria will not develop and survive as a country. Rather, I want to optimistically state that Nigeria will be better if certain measures are employed. If Nigeria must be developed, Nigerians themselves should be developed, liberated and sensitised.
• Adesokan wrote from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife


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