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If Sukuk bond were from sacerdotal and calvinistic societies


Sir: The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), has raised the red flag against the planned Islamisation of Nigeria, no thanks to the proposed issuance of Sukuk bond by the Federal Government as an alternative source of funding to upgrade the country’s tumbled-down infrastructure. I wish CAN suggested other interests-free bonds to the Federal Government. This might have given the government other options especially since the government is running away from debt-peonage.

Where was CAN when Sukuk was first proposed in the old order? In that old order, some CAN members got engaged enjoying from the gravy train. It wasn’t unusual for some to promise electorate victory at the polls, military planes were so ineffective such that a private jet belonging to a CAN chief was used to carry civilians who became national arms procurement specialists. In all of these, CAN didn’t look daggers.

CAN should work more on objective humanitarian causes instead of settling for divisive tirades. Same hoary rants that have taken us no further than Haiti and behind Ghana where Muslims and Christians live in peace. But I need not be too hard on CAN. The body only did what the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) would have done, were interests-free bonds commandeered from Sacerdotal and Calvinistic societies to be used for the improvement of infrastructure all around Nigeria. Remember how Nigeria called off Miss World show in 2002? And moved the contest to London from Nigeria when riots by Muslim youths broke out in opposition to the show and left scores of people dead in Kaduna. Conservative estimate put the dead at between 100-200. You can imagine the number of injured people. But don’t say “only” The warriors wouldn’t have gone on that rampage without the say-so of people in garbs religious.


Everybody blamed the riot on a newspaper. Of course, there is always a pretext to maim people in this country. So you just imagine, if what we have isn’t a Sukuk Bond but one that came from a supposedly Christian country. While the likes of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, dole out their monies to advance world peace and humanitarian causes, CAN, NSCIA promote religiosity without spirituality.
Simon Abah wrote from Port Harcourt.

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