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In God we are secured

By Matthew Agboma Ozah
30 December 2020   |   2:13 am
Although power may be the most important concept in political science, it is not that clear in political leadership and practice. This is because political office holders’ actions and utterances often betray the trust reposed on them by the electorate.


Although power may be the most important concept in political science, it is not that clear in political leadership and practice. This is because political office holders’ actions and utterances often betray the trust reposed on them by the electorate. Well before he clinched power in 2015, President Muhammadu Buhari was seen as a person of integrity. There are more superlative conclusions drawn from his personality, which was why almost everyone seems to agree that President Buhari’s influence and impeccable character would give the nation a sweeping economic, political and security optimistic change. However, having been on the saddle of leadership for about six years running, Mr President has come to reality that the security of the country is no longer tenable in the hands of humans but should be handed over to God. In a statement through his special adviser on media and publicity, Femi Adesina, the President said, while receiving former vice President Namadi Sambo, head of the ECOWAS election mission, Republic of Niger that only God could effectively “supervise” Nigeria’s border with the Republic of Niger.

Of course, Nigerians have no problem with that statement as they have become sedated and inured to Godliness, therefore very religious people. Indeed, handing over the nation’s border to God is absolutely welcoming. But President Buhari did not go far enough in his open confession and declaration about his government’s failure on the security of lives and property. He should have ordered that the military, police and indeed all para-military outfits be disbanded and scrapped. Clear our borders off customs personnel whose interest is to collect customs duty and turn their face away from contraband goods that constantly invade the country and impede local industries growth. Of course, immigration officers should be banned from checking who is a foreigner. Police officers should have no business to track down criminals as God will cause the conscience of evil doers to turn a new leaf or call them to order in an attempt to commit a crime. Therefore, what is the need to keep a bunch of people under branded uniform and name expending the hard earned tax payers’ money as salary on them when their job can be spiritually handled by our Heavenly Creator.

No doubt, almost any leader would feel humbled to commit his country’s borders into God’s hand as President Buhari rightly did. This is because the army seems no longer fit to be a game changer in the fight against the insurgents as they lack adequate personnel and firepower to protect lives and property in the country. There is no use to allow the military into a futile war with insurgents, particularly as many of them are fighting internal mind war over poor remuneration and welfare. Beside, how do you expect inspiration or courage from a soldier wielding a less firepower to face insurgents with sophisticated modern weapons? Yes, President Buhari’s enormous love and value for Nigerian lives prompted him to commit the effective supervision of the 1,400 kilometers border between Niger and Nigeria, and of course, the entire nation to the hand of God. In no small measure, Nigeria’s security must be treated with religious courtesy and sympathy. Our church leaders, Imams and indeed prayer warriors should be at alert for possible consultations for fervent prayers and fasting to the Almighty God to release angles to guard the borders and make the insurgents ‘pack their load’ and leave the country. In fact, what makes Mr President’s security submission to God more acceptable is that the army and police recently became aware of Nigerians strong displeasure about their antics through the EndSARS protests that exposed their constant abuses on human rights.

However, it is hard to overstate the difficulty in denying the nation the excellent and professional services of the military and the civil nature of the country’s police force to the people. It is even more unthinkable that a leader in this 21st Century with the range of sophisticated weapons and advance in technology on military software being traded at beck-and-call around the world would hand over the security of his country to God. Did the Holy book not say that Heaven help those who help themselves? If for anything, how does handing security to God in anyway make it impossible for the insurgents, smugglers and foreigners not have access into the country and carry out their nefarious activities? The whole episode reads more like a fairy tale, but it is rightly being seen as a humiliation for a country that desperately desire to see the end of insecurity within a twinkle of an eye, yet it remains miles apart because of poor leadership.  

If you were not too distracted by the thoughts of COVID-19 second wave, a pandemic that has rendered the world into isolation and deeper division among countries, families, kith and kin. Or consumed by the desperate mind bugging thoughts in search of stomach infrastructure for the family under the harsh economy reeling under the weight of recession, you could have noticed that, against the backdrop of the Nigeria soldiers endless fight to defeat insurgency, their wives are wrapped in gloominess as they wailed in pain over their daily annus horribilis of losing their husbands. But, with God on guard, the constant pensive mood of soldiers’ wives about the safety of their husbands in defense of fatherland would not arise as soldiers would enjoy the yuletide holidays with their families.

Without mincing words, Nigeria stands a chance to be not just a regional economic, political and military power, but to prove her dominance in Africa like the giant that is constantly ascribed to it. Regrettably, the above remain a far cry because as a nation, we are still suffering from the baleful consequences of poor leadership. Yes, Nigeria is a big and complex democratic edifice that is greater than any individual. But it is not sufficient for the leader of Nigeria or any leader for whatever reason to ascribe protection of lives and property in a divine design, he is expected to give assurance to the citizenry that his leadership would translate to good life and comfort for them. Therefore, the nation’s future depends on erecting strong institutions instead of leaders who refuse to recognise that their weakness has driven more people into various forms of criminality. It is important for the country’s political leaders to think outside the box, and act fast by embarking on projects that add up visible improvements in the protection of lives and property of the citizenry.