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‘In loving memory of my angelic wife’


I had wanted to write a note in honour of Mrs. Afolasade Adenola Omole, the beloved wife of the former Vice Chancellor of the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Ile-Ife and our Editorial Board Chairman, Professor Wale Omole. She was called home on July 15, 2020. I have found a better tribute from Professor Omole. Read on.


SADE, it is crushing for me to write this. Yet I must. We met over 47 years ago at a small private party on UNIFE campus. The beginning between yourself and I was ordained by God. Seeing you for the first time ever, I knew you were different. Without even talking to you, I intuitively decided and informed my friends that you were going to be my wife. My friends hardly believed me; but I had an inspiration that it was a message from above.

Simple, elegant, delicate with a very gentle persona. You got yourself a glass of drink, unlike most others and without attention, you gently folded a white serviette paper to form a coaster and placed your drink on a wooden stool. You then took a sip and covered the glass, I was totally impressed. You always paid attention to the minutest details around you. Ever so sensitive to everyone’s needs well above yours. Sade a rare gem you were!

Mama Alasho, who was our mother, was the only one that understood how fortunate I was. She always reminded me how much God loved me to have sent me an angel for a wife.

Your attitude was exemplary. Attitude was what determined your very high Altitude in life. It was your greatest endowment. You always made a difference anywhere and in anything you participated. Whenever you convinced yourself that there was no need, you would listen earnestly to learn or remain quiet. You were such a great listener. Honesty was your greatest asset, while Humility was your lifestyle. You were lover of Peace at all times. Contentment

Sade, I know definitely you were the only woman who could have lived with me all these years peacefully. You measured your words carefully, a deep thinker, very soft spoken. You demonstrated utmost contentment at every point in all our years together, whether it was turning down a more lucrative job outside the country, in order for the family to be together or giving up some measure of comfort for everyone’s general well being.


You were simply elegant, in your dressing, walking, talking and even sitting. Everything had to be done properly and thoroughly in the kindest possible way. There were no half measures with you.

Sade, I forever thank you in life and in death, for your deep understanding. You were not a material woman at all in this material world. You were very angelic. Thank you so much for being there at all the critical times and decisions of our lives.
For Kindness Indeed, you were such a great blessing. Whether it was the family, inlaws, the Aluta Continua students or whoever came visiting, you insisted must be offered a meal. Even times I was not at home, you made them so comfortable. You served the most delicious meal in accordance with their choices.

Despite having two Masters degree, with one in English, you ensured the children were brought up speaking Yoruba, which was very important to me. Sade I THANK you.


God will bless you in death as He did in your lifetime. All you asked for always was a peaceful exit whenever it was time. God answered your prayers and you just slept off. Glory be to God in His majesty.
For humility, I never found anyone as humble as you. Anyone you met for the first time, you assumed was older than you, and addressed them as “Eyin” (plural) rather than “Iwo” (singular).

There is nothing like end of life between you and me. The chant “Until death do us part” was not relevant to us. Though you are physically gone, your soul remains with mine.

Sade, Good night.

Your Wale Omole.


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