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Inevitable recognitions

By AbduRafiu
07 January 2021   |   2:55 am
It may be too early in the year to say. Although the Year 2020 may have handed us to the Year 2021 and faded into oblivion our world is still experiencing some of its grueling features

It may be too early in the year to say. Although the Year 2020 may have handed us to the Year 2021 and faded into oblivion our world is still experiencing some of its grueling features and one begins to wonder whether it had its luggage full when it was departing it could not carry all it needed to go away with or its trademarks are a bequest. Within the first week of its unveiling, the Year 2021 has proven it may not be much different from its predecessor.

The omens would seem it would be worse. It is remarkable our prophets have been cautious this year in their pronouncements on the night of the accustomed cross-over predictions. I did not read of any of them raising exaggerated expectations of El Dorado in our land or outside our frontiers, unlike last year when one of them said, “it’s go na be a great year” while another said, “2020 equals supernatural shift.” Here was yet another:” It’s going to bring a series of joy.” This year all of them still said God, the Almighty Father, the Creator of all, spoke to them!

The new and higher spreading on earth today reveals that even a perfected human being (spirit) already living in Paradise cannot cross the boundary of his plane to the next higher one. He would lose consciousness. If he were to attempt even if helped—which is impossible to start with— to the plane of the abode of John the Baptist, he would be burnt. Yet, the Lord Jesus Christ said that in His Father’s Kingdom, John the Baptist is the least! John the Baptist was especially incarnated to baptize the Lord Christ. The vastness of the distance from the plane his abode and that of the Nights around the Throne of the Holy Spirit, His Castle at the Summit of Creation is inconceivable to the man on earth or the perfected spirit back home in Paradise. Drawing from the new knowledge, I hinted last week at the distance between the Divine Realm and the Throne of God which is even separated by an ocean of fire.

Come to think of it: We learn in The Book of Revelation that there are seven universes. Ours is Ephesus. To demonstrate its vastness, it should be noted that our earth is a planet in the solar system and so described because it is a system around the sun. The sun itself is a star, one of the billions of stars in our galaxy called the Milky Way which in turn is only one of the billions of galaxies in our Universe. It is even different from the actual Creation which is spiritual. The universe is at the outermost fringes as a part of the World of Gross Matter which is why it can go into disintegration whereas the spiritual is eternal, hence the admonition to us all mankind to clean up ourselves quickly and mature so we can get out there before it dissolves. The disintegration brings the final death for those who may not have washed their “linen clean” and are thus trapped in it. From the foregoing, it can be seen that our universe with all its inhabitants, including principally the cocky human beings, is not more than a speck of dust. In other words, guidance bearing messages comes to human beings in a chain of helpers from On High. No human being can bear the approach and the Voice of the Holy Spirit how much more those of His Father, God Almighty.

Within the week, Mr. COVID-19 bared its fangs to prove that it is not in an unrelenting mood. It took away a leading light in academia and former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Lagos, Professor Oye Ibidapo-Obe. Only yesterday it felled another highly regarded former Dean, Faculty of Education, Professor Duro Ajeyalemi, according to several media reports. Professor Ajeyalemi was the pioneer registrar/ Chief Executive of JUPEB. Haroun Hamzat, brother of the Deputy Governor of Lagos has also died. The country recorded 1,354 infections on Tuesday, from troubling 1,204 cases on Monday. Tuesday’s figure is the highest since the index case on 27 February last year. Senegal has clamped a curfew on two highly populated regions to contain the spread of the pandemic in its second wave in the country. The two regions have accounted for about 90 per cent of the 19,803 cases so far. Although the causes are not disclosed, two other persons in the public eye have died as well. They are veteran journalist, Babajide Osokoya, a Mass Communication graduate of the University of Lagos, and a popular actress Folake Aremu, better known by her stage name, Orisabunmi.

On the political plane, Mr. Donald Trump, resisting the possibility of his vacating office in about two weeks’ time, is still roaring like a bull in a China shop. He is reported to have mounted pressure on Mike Pence, the Vice-President to see how he could overturn Joe Biden’s victory as chairman of the Congress that met yesterday to confirm the Electoral College votes. Pence demurred saying he had no powers to decertify Joe Biden’s win.

The air is saturated with distressing reports of tension everywhere. Despite the world’s opinion, Mr. Trump is not relenting. The Japan Times observed what it described as Mr. Biden’s strategy to tame Mr. Trump: “Ignore him.” Letters to the editor in The New York Times and Washington Post say Trump must not be allowed to desecrate the lofty office of the President of the United States; he must go. The world is watching. To any discerning person, the world is clearly out of joint; only the right recognitions of the Truths of life and existence and working to straighten the detours employing the mechanisms of the truths can bring relief. The recognition brings to our awareness the place of man in this vale of matter. Man is to stand between the spiritual and the material worlds so that through his special nature as a spirit he can ennoble the material worlds and weld them into one, a world swinging in purity, beauty, gracefulness and splendor. The mechanisms are already in place, but we human beings have ignored them and fashioned out our own way of how life should be from our limited horizon, not as creatures that we are but as the master. It is through man if he were at his post that pure life from the Source of Light is to pulsate downwards and ennoble as well as uplift the material world into a realm of joy, peace, happiness and development.

It is the recognition of the truth that is to bring relief and succor to all troubled lands and peoples. To recognize the truth, we may just begin to observe certain phenomena around us which we human beings can do nothing about, severally, collectively or individually. That we are unable to do anything about them means they are outside man and his control. As science has discovered for example, matter cannot be destroyed. Its disintegration, which I referred to earlier, only returns to its beginning, back to radiations as what is called radiations is a parcel of condensed radiations. It means the end must go back to its primordial beginning. Thus, there is the law of the cycle; the law of returns that stipulates that what a person sends out is what returns to him. What he sows is what he reaps. This should induce us into deep contemplation more so as it has been proven that human beings have reached their wit’s end.

There is that which ensures that what is similar pull together, whether man or animal, replies or birds. Does this not hold the key to conflicts in nations, societies, and homes all over the world—that the problem lies mainly in forcible configuration and union of dissimilar entities? One group is determined to dominate the other and appropriate its resources and the targeted group vigorously resists. There is the law of Gravitation which works from above downwards, ensuring that what is heavy sinks and what is light rises until either finds its level. These are automatic self-enforcing mechanisms that have been recognized over millennia but ignored and scorned to this day. In their consistency, regularity, immutability, and incorruptibility they have become recognisable as laws. All laws express the will of the lawmaker whose primary aim is to ensure order and harmony and development. It follows therefore that similarly Natural Laws, variously called the laws of Creation, Spiritual Laws of Divine Laws and to lawyers, the law of Natural Justice, must express the will of the Maker of Creation, the Creator of the Universe. Any wonder, therefore, they are so perfect, immutable, and uniform in all Creation and just, nourishing and furthering development.

In the new and higher knowledge mediated to us human beings on earth today which I am wont to draw attention to in this column, we are able to avail ourselves the Light of Truth shed on all matters. The Truth that these laws are the underlying principles of all happenings. We also talk about the spirit of the law which means the will of the lawmaker expressed by law. The maker of the Divine Laws, the Laws of Nature, or of Creation is the Almighty Creator. The Laws express His Will. The Laws are thus His Will made manifest, His Spirit inactivity. The recognition of the laws helps our recognition of Truth—that which is, that which alone can say I am, the only changeless Reality. Thus the Holy Spirit is Truth embodied, through Whom Creation issued and Who maintains Creation, the Law, and Life Himself inactivity, the Holy Will anchored in the Laws. In these perfect Laws alone lie order, harmony, abundance, good health, strength, joy, and peace. Any deviation from them must bring the opposite because they can never bend to or heed the wishes or opinion, arrogance or folly of human beings except there is obedience to them. Didn’t the Lord say “If you offend the Holy Spirit, there will never be forgiveness? That is if one breaks the law, the consequences must return to him. The Holy Spirit, the Will, and Law, is therefore Justice. We must inhale and exhale. Where to inhale becomes impossible as is the case in an affliction by a coronavirus, a ventilator becomes inevitable in the Law of Balance.

The health of our world, harmony, and joy make recognitions of the Laws with which the Creator governs His Creation inevitable.

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