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IPOB: Okorocha’s perverted perspective


Imo State Governor Rochas Okorocha

Sir: “The insect parasite that eats up the life in the tree lives in the wood.”

Reading a publication with the headline: “Igbo play worst politics in Nigeria – Okorocha,” on Wednesday, September 20, 2017, was indeed exasperating. Let me address this secessionist bid by pro-Biafra agitators – Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and Rochas Okorocha’s awkward position with every objectivity and rationality that it deserves. Okorocha can afford to be impartial in the manner he addresses issues of tribal, sectional and religious conflict among heterogeneous based society but regrettably, he has not.

Igbos are easily inclined not to drag, fight for or stampede others for the national cake and dividends – abandonment – Okorochas’s euphemism for “implicit non-participation of the Igbos in the unfair, unequal and greedy distribution of the nation’s patrimony – oil resources.

The perspective and body language of Okorocha especially regarding Ndigbo’s partial role in Nigeria’s political involvement thus “Today, Hausa have realised they can win an election without Igbo.” How enduring could such election victory hold? Senator Arthur Nzeribe verses Late Moshood Kashimawo Abiola’s bragging episode is hereby commemorated.


The grouse and animosity of Okorocha against Ndigbo of the South Eastern Nigeria. To speak from the supposed perspective of Rochas Okorocha, assuming he really intend to invite or solicit the proactive, industrious and value adding contributions and nature of Ndigbo to enhancing the political and economic developmental project in Nigeria – to make it vibrant and progressive; then I guess he is articulate enough to know how best to structure his speech accordingly and comprehensively. But if he will become wise and foresighted, I want to earnestly admonish him to toe. Igbos are not disposed to “loot sharing”; they are not infamously prone to harvesting where they have not previously laboured; they are not weirdly reputed for growing fat and stupendously rich on the expenses of others. Therefore, leave them alone to their God given lifestyle and system of conduct.

In conclusion, it is said that a nation is delivered by the wisdom of the rarely wise ones and not by the massive might and military power of the multitude.

Therefore, the earlier the Federal Government pays attention to the plights, increasing displeasure and clear marginalisation of Ndigbo as represented by the pro-Biafra’s points of demand, the better.

To disregard the same with a wave of hand or treat the issue with lackadaisical mediocrity and or high handedness will be both dicey and precarious. Even so, Igbo demur the unintelligent, bizarre and erratic speech of the Imo State governor even as a personal opinion and not reflecting the consensus of Ndigbo in general.

The leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu should be invited to a round table for dialogue. I want to guarantee that the upcoming gubernatorial election in Anambra State in the same embattled eastern region (an imminent stage IPOB wants to use to demonstrate their powerful influence on the people again) can hold without let or hindrance. Shall we?

Steve Obum Orajiaki.

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