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Iwo land is grateful to Mr. President


Sir: I wish to appreciate the President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forced, President Muhammadu Buhari and the Minister of Education, Prof. Adamu Adamu for the decision of the Federal Government in sitting the proposed Federal Government College of Education in Iwoland among other communities that had demanded for it. Certainly, there can be no better demonstration of dispensing fairness and justice than in this major decision of the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Iwo local government has the largest population in Osun State and will rank high in Nigeria as one of the most populous.  It has consistently been denied its due by greedy politicians who recognise Iwo only for votes. These had little respect if any for justice. They are audacious in the main and rigidly pursue the path of winners take all. They not only routinely tread the path of winners take all, they are ready to sacrifice means in the pursuit of goals. No room for the voices of the downtrodden to become visible. Nigeria is the worst for this type of politics which seems entrenched. There is no viable state institution in Iwoland. There are no good roads. There is no worthwhile Federal presence. Some of the political elite are timid and can rarely speak truth to power. They are largely greedy and self serving in the main. In the pursuit of community aspirations, they are essentially weak in placing Iwoland agenda on the front burner.


In its struggle for the college, our people remain prayerful and resolute while they made contacts. We were told that our case was a hopeless case and that the vehicle we are waving at since departed! But we would not be surprised should they turn around to claim that it was their contact in Abuja that made it possible. The major lesson is that the grassroots must never rest their hopes entirely in the elites. We must participate in the affairs of our communities.

We remain grateful to the Federal Government of Nigeria for given us hope when we could not even see any ray of light at the end of a very dark tunnel. Indeed, human being proposes but He, the Creator of the heavens and the earth disposes of our affairs as He deems fit. Cheers to Buhari and Adamu.  Iwoland is grateful for this historic decision. May the Federal Republic of Nigeria live long in the pursuit of justice and fairness in our country. We thank those, who through whatever means, had supported the people of lwoland on this development.

Lai Olurode.


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