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Land of milk and honey

By Kole Omotoso
01 May 2022   |   4:29 am
It was the great playwright, songwriter and song composer who advised a young man who threatened to take his life that there are one thousand women in the marketplace, one thousand fish exist in the sea, why would you kill yourself...

Kole Omotoso

It was the great playwright, songwriter and song composer who advised a young man who threatened to take his life that there are one thousand women in the marketplace, one thousand fish exist in the sea, why would you kill yourself over one? Is it likely that one of those thousand would refuse you? I have seen shortest man marry the tallest lady in the town or village. I have seen the ugliest man carry away the most beautiful woman in town or city. Go, get up my friend, change your shirt, you have only one shirt or one dansiki, alright go buy soda kobo and wash shirt kobo and dansiki kobo, the sun will shine shine or do you think the sun will not shine because of your miserable akisa re. Be careful yourself, my friend, don’t come near me because why, because I will stop this my drumming and give you a dirty slap.
Nobody knows what became of the young man jilted in love but when the votes were taken in our town, nobody wanted to go to war because of any man.

The subject of war has become pretty popular these days when the Russians have found someone to thrash in their turn. What was the cause of the war between Russian Federation and the Ukraine? One day Ukrainians woke to find their border on the Russian side with standing orders alone. Ten men deep and no room for any one. When the Russians were asked what they were doing where they were, they asked who could ask what they can do on their land? Among themselves, they decided on the day they would invade Ukraine. On 24 of February, Russia crossed over and began bombarding the land of the Ukrainians. Has there been a mistake on the other side of the other side of the border. There was nothing the matter, just that the army of Russia feel like testing their guns.

The capabilities of those guns were first seen in Arab world where Syria was demolished to rubble with nothing to pick from the destruction. Having hitch-hiked through those lands, I was sympathetic to their effort to modernize and live in a clean of electricity, running water and free of disease. Not with Russia wanting to test its guns.

The diabolical method of Russia is to continue destroying while talking peace, that is negotiating. Ukraine must never join any organization of its choice because such choice would threaten the security of the Federation of Russia.

None of these things matter. What Russia is after is the demolition of Ukraine’s alternative power source that would destroy the old system of fueling the world. The freedom of Ukraine spells economic death for Russia. The wealth of Russia depends of fossil oil which nobody wants.
The other issue that is urgent in the eyes of Russia is that Ukraine is a rare earth treasure throve. That is what Russia is after first and foremost.

Rare earth is the gold and diamonds combined of today with oil and gas. Anywhere today where there is rare earth flowing with milk and honey of old.

Such a land today is the Republics of the Congo where thousands of under age children are busy digging for rare earth treasure and earning one dollar a day. The poorer their earnings the richer their owners are earning. So, who says there is nothing worth going to war for on earth?
Even if the earth were full of milk and honey as of old, human greed would have reason to convert other people’s property to their own.
Anyone familiar with the history of the Bible knows what we are trying to say here.

When we look at the Israel of old, why does God call Israel the land of milk and honey? Was it land of desert? When we look at Israel today it is one of countries that can feed itself and feed others as well. When we look at Ukraine, it is a country able to feed itself and feed the rest of the world. In fact, we are told that between the Russian Federation and the Ukraine, the two countries could feed the world in bread. Perhaps, Russia wants to be the envy of the world by being the country that would feed the world.

Yet, nobody looking at the land of Israel alone would think the land alone could produce what can feed itself and the rest of the world. The socialist history that the countries share makes it possible for them to even dream of feeding the world.

In the democracy that we run in Ukraine, which Israel does not run in its country, each country has the freedom to decide its own options in life. Ukraine’s option is democracy and no country could prevent another country from obtaining for itself what it wants.

It is obvious that under the dictatorship of Vladimir Putin, the Russian Federation does not want democracy. But that is what Ukrainre wants and that is what they are fighting for. If we were to determine for Ukraine, it would be the option of Democracy that we would wish old Ukraine. That is the option that Ukraine has fought for in the last fifty or so many days and it is the option it will wish for as long as they exist on earth.

On the concrete situation on which our earth is situated, nothing in this world is more constant in this world than one world. Only one world is better than the one we occupy and that is the one that one can only imagine. We do have a situation which we do not wish to lend the hand, the hand will not lend to another hand; no way would I lend to another hand as long as the hand would serve me well on earth. For each earth on our wonder we shall always thank God for His mercy and his kindness. No more and no less.

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