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Let’s talk witchcraft

By Patience Turtoe-Sanders
04 May 2020   |   1:52 am
First of all, it is a myth to think that witches have wings and can fly and perch on trees or house tops and that they operate only at night, or that witches are black or white.

First of all, it is a myth to think that witches have wings and can fly and perch on trees or house tops and that they operate only at night, or that witches are black or white. Witches don’t have wings, and they operate anytime of the day, morning, noon, evening and at night, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and year-in and year-out. Witches have mystical powers that enable them to turn into whatever they want, wherever and whenever, in order to cause harm to their victims, and then return to a human form. Witches have no color, and there are no good or kind witches. Witches in their state, know no goodness or kindness, neither do they recognize, race, religion, or culture. Witches have the ability to manifest in multiple ways. It is a bigger myth to think that water neutralizes the powers of witchcraft.

Witches don’t operate in the physical, so no physical thing or being can neutralize their powers. As snakes sting their victims with poison so they can locate their prey wherever the prey runs to after a snake bite, so do witches sting their victims with spiritual poison so that wherever the victim goes, a witch’s sting in the victim attracts other witches. So, it is fallacy to think that once a person goes overseas from Africa the person is free of and from witchcraft. Witches are united and they work as a team all over the world. It is a greater myth to think that a witch is indoctrinated from infancy. Witches are discouraged from indoctrinating adults because adults know the difference between good and evil.

Both adult and children may secretly, and without suspicion, act as friendly witches to a victim they admire in order to reveal demonic plot in a subtle, an experience described by Professor Hope Eghagha as, “The positive use of witchcraft power or resource.”   Witches working alone are easily intimidated, so they usually work in pairs. The presence of witches in a home is demonstrated in the sudden disappearance and reappearance of objects. Witches are the smallest element in our mystical world, yet powerful. Witches are like researchers; they identify a problem and collate data, but witches do not analyze. They do “background” check on people and pass on their information to their boss, Satan himself. A witch’s aim is to find fault in an individual and this is done by provoking a person to anger. A person who refuses to be provoked, cannot be harmed. An expression of patience is a witch’s anticatalyst. Having patience is the number one expression to defeat a witch. The second catalyst a witch or wizard presents before members of his or her coven in order to harm a person, is compassion, kindness and generosity. So, a person, who, out of the kindness of his or her heart donates money to a suffering-looking witch has caused provocation in the demonic kingdom, and for this the donor must be tortured. The witch or wizard has not asked for donation, so giving him or her money is a display of arrogance, a show-off, an emotional torture.

Listening and an expression of empathy are anticatalyst to a witch’s punishment of unsolicited generosity. Listen to a person’s complain rather than offering to give unsolicited assistance, empathize… “I’m sorry you are going through this… Oh… Uhm…. I understand….” But do not offer to help. In the coven, the complain of unsolicited help is, “I did not ask him (her) for help.” If a person does not ask for your money, do not offer to give. Your money is your sweat, your blood. Witches taint blood. Witches taint anything that belongs to an individual to monitor their victim. Donate and give as directed by your conscience and not by your feelings. Conscience is listening to your guts, feeling is an emotion. Witches don’t feel. Witches perform evil. Witches love prayerful Christians without power. These are Christians, who pray, yet hate, gossip, and backbite. These are church goers, who do not practice what the Bible teaches. Witches make these false Christians experience trials, upon trials. An anti-catalyst here is to pray without ceasing, to remove doubt and hatred from the heart, to stop gossiping and backbiting, to have faith and trust in Jesus, and in Jesus only. Witches and wizards are very fearful people. They carry a lot of guilt because of their evil ways: witches walk with a faraway thought in their mind. They hardly ever walk tall. Their heads are bowed looking down most of the time.

Witches gravitate toward a “talking soul,” that is, a talkative. A person who talks a lot talks away his or her “soul,” and the souls of the people around him or her. So a witch, the demonic researcher gravitates towards such a person in order to get information to pass on to the demonic world. A witch is scared of someone who listens, a person of few words. Witches are not scared of someone who prays and cry aloud, shouting, “Die…die.” Witches call such people powerless. Witches assume a silent and quiet person knows their secret, and that such a person is plotting a greater evil to destroy them, so witches stay away from such a person, and most importantly witches run away from a person of power and authority, a person of a clean heart, who calls on the name, JESUS, in faith. (For a detailed version of this article, see
Dr. Turtoe-Sanders, an American of Nigerian ancestry wrote from United States.

She researched and attempted to attend school of Witchcraft in the US, but was discouraged by her nephew, for fear of his Auntie being perceived as a witch. She is not a witch©

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