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Letter to all of them


Late last week it was reported in some newspapers that GMB, our president of presidents, expressed shock at the current security situation in our country. Whether I should regard his shock as an undiluted one (or not) is something I still find it hard to interpret correctly. But to construe the significance or intention of the shock one must try to do a letter, this letter, to him and his subordinates and fellow wayfarers. One will first of all try to make him and all of them within and without clarify the meaning of the said expressed shock.

Did our man, our president, suddenly realize that our country is already in the intensive care unit contrary to the bogus intelligence or security reports he had been getting from them and elsewhere? And since he now has a glimpse of the concerning security lapses of his presidency, what is he frankly and readily ready to do now? And what is he going to do to all his lying men and women who had ostensibly made it impossible for him to keep his eyes skinned?

Our country, citizens and compatriots, our country, your country, dear, dear masses, workers and non-workers, our mighty people gradually being turned into un-mighty persons, is clearly presently unconscious in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) in a nameless hospital that cannot facilitate its cure, it seems, as things cannot but be with a president like GMB surrounded by them all. In a borrowed terminology, our country is a “train wreck.” Whatever unknown or unnamed medications supporting his fluctuating blood pressure and strengthening his weak heart may soon cease to be augmenting it. But we must hope and believe that sooner or later, a healer, a real curer, medical or spiritual, will surface to arouse back to healthy life the unarousable “train wreck,” our country, not truly their country where GBM is in charge but not in charge. Whoever disputes this does not know how to dispute a charge.

When our Christian faithful, including clerics, prayer-walked in several parts of our country last Sunday they did so to underline the point that the chaos of our emergency experience will soon land us in an unpleasant place, to put it mildly. Our respective ethnicities and socio-economic classes, regardless of their geo-political regions and zones and interests will by and by forcefully pull out the breathing tubes of our tormentors, all of them, to whom this letter must visit and find.

The killings and massacres of Christian clerics and believers and other iniquities against them from any direction must stop in order to halt the anarchy that is already here. Discrimination against and distrust of all ethnic groups, enterprising and non-enterprising ones, must cease to be. Blackmail of any sort and of any person or group must no more be. And it is time for GMB and his appointees, allies and cabal and respective religious groups and organizations to whom he is a patron to apologize to all of us who have been maimed, tormented and tortured physically, psychologically and otherwise.

The tendered apology must be dressed properly with good measures that are good measures to soothe the nerves of all living sufferers. The ones in their graves, marked and unmarked, cannot and must not be forgotten as well. All of us who lost dear ones to this regime’s miniature security measures must be encouraged to heave melancholic sighs no more. Many of us are presently extremely uncomfortable living in this confinement we call our own land that is gradually becoming our land no more.

The news about Trump of America restricting our compatriots’ visits or journeys to his home-country and homeland has been very discomfiting to many of us but Trump is right. When we have people who are seen and perceived as leaders who are not properly protecting their people, the majority of whom are evilly poor and evilly hungry, no true leaders elsewhere will sincerely wish to have them in their countries. The concerning hunger and security lapses here are equally concerning, and rightly so, to Donald Trump and company. Why should Trump add more emergencies from outside America to America? Rightly, or wrongly, bad emergencies resonate and cry loudly in and from our country blessed abundantly and richly with experts and specialists in every field and branch of knowledge and human endeavour including artillery and preventive edificial damage to the homeland. If we say Trump’s action is discriminatory against our country-men and country-women, what do we say or make of GMB’s and his group’s actions against those not of their ethnic or regional or social-economic group or class or both?

As a matter of fact, GMB and his group and cabal and prime and henchpersons must bear the brunt of Trump’s immigrant visa action against our country-people. Unfortunately, this won’t happen. They will always cut corners to get to America. Those of us who have a reasonably realistic grasp on our condition, sense that our country is hopelessly miserable even if it is not yet terminally ill – and even though it is a “train wreck,” as already more than doubly indicated. But we must not allow the situation of our country now to become overwhelming. The Amotekun inventors and political actors, the Igbo artillery experts and specialists, the Niger Delta veterans of divers and swimmers and Middle Belt die-hards and hot-heads must save our democratic republic and country from the hands and tentacles of all of them who want to destroy them. It is time to send them arthritic pains and severe headaches that are more than severe to take a great toll on them; and to confine them to where they will remain unable to move or walk to the houses and rocks of their ill-governance and misrule.

Our republic and homeland must live forever – free from acts of discrimination, distrust, black-mail, thievery, pilfering, robbery, daylight and midnight acts and sources of high and depressing and depressive corruption. Soon shall appear the time when iron shall see what it will obey and what will bend and bend it to our satisfaction.

This letter to all of them was not meant to be this long. But because we hear that they are effecting their imposition of the increase in vat percentage on us that they have been knocking and kicking about as they please, and as their whims and caprices suit them, we cannot but shout loud and clear thus: PAY US YOUR LOUSY MINIMUM WAGE NOW BEFORE WHAT WILL NOT LET YOU SLEEP VISIT YOUR HEARTS. Pay all of us now even though it will take us nowhere. What is my meaning? It is as clear as clean water. By the way, are you hearing us, all of you up there?

The essential emotion of this letter is the feeling of a deceived and robbed worker towards a guilty master and his cabal degrading his humanity. And the letter shall end here, although by no means is this thinking the end of the whole story. We must all await the inevitability of the inevitability. What do I mean? Exactly what I mean or do not mean. But our disgust must trap and envelop all those that are fit to be trapped and enveloped. Iron must obey. I learnt this terminology this past Monday. What does it mean? It means exactly what it says and means.
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