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Letter to all of you



In the past two Fridays I had amused you with my “Letter to all of us” and “Letter to all of them.” Even though I dwelt on serious subjects and matters of grave concern pertaining to our country, in the respective letters, I insist that what I sent out to you all was an amusement. If you are spiritually inclined or mystically endowed, you will find what I am saying now an amusement that is superior to an amusement. I appeal to the benevolence of you all who read the two previous letters as other things than what I am now asking you to see them, to have the patience and understanding to review the letters as deep amusements for deep people. My prolixness is at play again prolixly. But never mind.

Our country is in serious pain and is bleeding profusely and carelessly in a manner that suggests or seems to suggest that those we entrust to tend to it for our overall benefit are amusingly neglecting to do so. Our country and leaders are in dire straits, but we cannot repudiate them. We cannot now even eject our failing and seemingly disappointing GMB as we cannot now eject ourselves from our country, this country, that we did not request to be born into as our birth-country. Surely, and surely so, there is a divine reason, an unfathomably divine reason, for what is happening to you to be happening to you. You must be paying for what you must be paying for. You must be cleansed with the pain of pains and with the water of suffering and torment before you return from Egypt in a purple-sailed galley led and guided and guarded by a special breed African purple-gallinule.

Your country, our country, is passing what it is passing through now in a purpose-built spiritual and mystical machine. Its purpura, its blood diseases very visible on its purplish skin spots, will terminate when it is time for our spiritual fathers and mothers to apply necessary subcutaneous injections. The injections abound in the purposive mystical, spiritual machine. But the inevitable time to apply them has not yet come. When the time inevitably comes GMB will inevitably terminate hundred percent his stupefaction relating to the security challenges and the myriad of troubles and problems that are too innumerable besetting your country, our country, and his regime that you neatly detest. Those who are closing his eyes and shielding him from seeing what he needs to see and from knowing what he needs to know are only succeeding in living on borrowed time. The excitements they are presently groping in and are enjoying all soon shall pale into the light of morning. In the realm of the present excitement is a resistless resjudicata.

This past Saturday I was privileged to be invited to a charming religious programme of the Deeper Life Christian Denomination. My Oh my! How spiritually uplifting were the hymns the Deeper Life faithful sang and sang and enjoyed and enjoyed! How uplifting were the message and preaching of the preacher! How I enjoyed the great late evening of the blessings coming and rushing to your country, my country, our country, in no distant time! “Men of the world will fail you….but Jesus will not fail you. “Jesus will not fail you. Jesus will not fail our country. Amen!” “Amen!” The crowd was thunderous. And the “Amen!” resounded with the music of men and women whose souls were already driven to heaven, far from the storm, the black storm, in your country, our country.

I floated with them and my wandering bark was steered well to their abode as I there and then remembered Percy Bysshe Shelley (1797-1851), English Romantic poet.

Now, the teaching of the Deeper Life that late evening that entered early night was not in any way greatly different from that of the Living Supreme Masters. Their desire for your country, our country was articulately formulated as the Living Supreme Masters consciously direct your attention to the purpose your leaders, our leaders, seem to have left so far away; but they must definitely get to the destination. Let all of you be fatigued, but the procession will advance, is advancing and will reach destination, the destination that is yours and your country’s that floats endlessly and aimlessly, it seems. Am I amusing you? No!

Smile, Niger Delta man! Smile, man in the West! Smile, man in the East! Smile, man in the Middle Belt! Smile, man in the North! Smile, you Nigerians everywhere! Smile and smile, all of you my brotherly brothers and sisterly sisters! And show and give love henceforth to all of you and all of them. Hence forwards, the Supreme Masters have enjoined me to give you all this line, this one-line hymn to beautify your souls and the soul of your country, my country, our country: “ Su-ra-su-huuu!”

Chant this one-line beauty affectionately, diligently, faithfully, passionately, animatedly, enthusiastically, mirthfully and quietly from time to time diurnally. It is one effective antidote to your horrible times in your horrible country that will ultimately cease to be horrible and inevitably so point to point at the highest point of their otioseness. Iron must obey. Leaders, in or out of power, government and authority, who disobey shall reap their unfailing karma that never fails and that never disappoints. May the blessings be! Peace profound.

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