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Letter to president Trump


Donald Trump  / AFP PHOTO / Paul J. Richards

Donald Trump / AFP PHOTO / Paul J. Richards

Sir: As an ardent supporter of Donald J. Trump, I am obviously saddened that the opposition party in the United States has not in any way conducted itself in a manner worthy of emulation. As I see events unfold in the United States, I keep wondering, “what example really, is there for developing nations?”

While delivering his last Press Conference as president of the United States, Barack Obama refused to either condemn or approve of his party’s members of congress decision to ditch Donald Trump’s inauguration. I don’t see how this and many other divisive post election actions of Barack Obama could have earned him a 60% approval rating. CNN/ORC poll that gave Obama 60% approval rating, if I remember correctly, Clinton was favoured over Trump to win the elections by a margin that was simply unbelievable. I don’t believe the polls and I don’t think that Obama has handled his party’s loss to the Republicans well at all.


Few days to the inauguration of President Trump, protests have broken out in several regions within the District and beyond. The funny thing is that, the organisers announced their intent to protest way ahead of time just to disrupt and shame the incoming president! How absurd! And the outgoing president never said a word! Unfortunately, for the protesters and their sponsors, these protests will be an unpardonable indictment on the legacy of the outgoing president of the United States – being the first American president in a long, while to oversee an inauguration ceremony marred with protests. Again, I wonder why these people come to Africa to preach democracy and common sense to us. If you can’t accept defeat in good faith, why preach it to African leaders?

I want to once again congratulate President Trump on this great occasion of his inauguration. You won your fair and square election. You fought your way through some of the most disparaging vituperations that I have ever witnessed. You lived through fake and demoralising polls. You do not deserve to be labeled “illegitimate” by congressman Lewis for any reason whatsoever. However, you’re already used to these tantrum-filled shenanigans. I believe you, so I supported and campaigned vigorously for you. I still believe in you and I will continue to pray for you.

Please, do not disappoint Destiny. I know your enemies are swelling in numbers daily and they will like to see you fail woefully. But you will succeed greatly to their utmost dismay. You have been chosen for this time and no force can bring you down. Stay focused. I know that America will pre-occupy you in the early days of your office, but please do not forget Africa, especially my country, Nigeria. We need the Make America Great Again (MAGA) team here because we also want to Make Nigeria Great Again.
• Joseph Okechukwu, Lagos.

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