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Babangida’s ambition


SIR: A nation, they say, gets the kind of leadership she deserves. That means a truthful nation gets truthful leaders, and a corrupt nation gets corrupt leaders. The leadership of a nation is a reflection of her character, because the nation usually elects leaders whose moral fibres are the same as the people. Many of us are living witnesses to the humiliating slide of Nigeria from the fountain of hope to the fountain of despondency.
Regrettably, our motherland traded her greatness for hopelessness because we allowed it to happen. We tolerated the pests, like General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, the dictator who imposed himself on Nigeria between August 27, 1985 and August 26, 1993, to drive the nation to exhaustion.
Once again, Babangida is on his way to raping the nation. He wants to be the president! Here are some of the reasons why Nigerians should NEVER tolerate Babangida again:
Before Babangida
• The world respected Nigeria as a continental power
• Naira compared favourably with Western currencies
• Unresolved political assassinations were limited
• The green passport was respected abroad
• We had presentable healthcare facilities
• There were fewer homeless Nigerians
• Electricity outages were bearable
• Major cities had potable water
• Nigerians roads were tolerable
• Our schools had value
During Babangida’s era
• Corruption, nepotism, sectionalism and religious bigotry were institutionalised
• Unwarranted assassination (Dele Giwa, Mamman Vasta, etc) began
• Babangida himself wondered how the Nigerian economy held up
• Nigeria fell from grace to grass; we started irritating the world
• Electricity, water, and motorable roads became enigmas
• Men and women in uniforms started abusing Nigerians
• Our hospitals became death facilities
• Naira began its epic journey of devaluation
• Our schools started losing respect
• Nigeria became a joke
Conclusively, Babangida would be the final curse that would terminate the geographical entity called Nigeria if we remain complacent and let him return to Aso Rock.

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