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Foreign media: Stop the siege!


New York Times HQ

New York Times HQ

Sir: Still wondering why foreign media cannot resist the temptation of looking at the dustbin anytime they want to describe Nigeria.In an article title, “Savaged by Boko Haram,” published September 30, 2016, the New York Times described Nigeria as “World’s most destitute region.”

An extract from the third paragraph of the report made me hungry. A hunger to be hauled, right into their newsroom and issue each member of staff a punch in the nose:

“Boko Haram is described as the world’s ‘deadliest terrorist group’ in the Global Terrorism Index compiled by the Institute for Economics and Peace, and it operates in one of the world’s most destitute regions.”


These words are rather too insensitive and offensive to describe Nigeria. Is ‘oddity’ the only news value, these foreign media learnt in journalism school?

Again, that these western media understand the import of sound reputation and will do anything to protect theirs is worrisome. Just recently a UK-based medium, Daily Mail, released a disturbing photo of what looks like a fried rat’s head, sandwiched in a chicken meal. The unusual meal was said to have been discovered by one Rosemary Thomas who posted it on Facebook, expressing disappointment on the culprit fast food, Harlem Popeyes.

She also was disgusted at New York City Department of Health rating, which had awarded the fast food five hearts rating, confirming standard. These ‘guys’ have continued to abuse us emotionally. Emotional abuse, psychologists say, is as bad as physical abuse. This is because you can heal a broken bone but you cannot heal a broken mind. I think it is high time Nigeria returned fire with brimstone.
Queen Eugene,
Ikeja, Lagos State

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