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Gains of presidential election


Sir: The elections are now over and winners have emerged.Congratulations to President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo. The presidential election, like every election in the past is marred with regrettable violence, we pray God rest the souls of the victims. In the beginning of campaigns we all considered on many different basis, the several candidates, in view to identify one that is most suitable to be the vanguard of and to herald the course of the development of nation and our people, its own and their dignity. There were a few from which to choose but even fewer were pragmatically potent.

I, in the interest of our people, after long considerations decided that upon the several premises, to wit; the ongoing unprecedented efforts of the present government it deserves another term to consolidate and build on the foundation it has laid; in increment in revenue generation, honest and manifesting resolve to improve infrastructure base, social welfare and job creation and it’s master plan going forward in this regard; curbing and fighting corruption which is the major bane of our development, many more cardinal essences of the regime and its ultimately genuine will to serve people’s interest only, the best it can.

Many people may hold different perspective on this choice but what’s ultimately important is the fact that regardless of which side of the divide we stood in the process or journey, we all did for the same reasons, the betterment of the welfare of all, dignity and human development, greatness of state and patriotism. The duty of all of us, the more important, where we will all speak in one voice for the furtherance of those reasons and common aspirations above is to ensure that we keep government in check, responsible and responsive.

After all, democracy is said to be government by discussion – Walter Begahot: “The appeal of the idea lies in the fact that if government decisions are taken after public deliberations, then their opaqueness disappears.” I trust that we will put behind us the negative impacts the events of the past days may leave and join a force as a common people to keep the nation’s ship on course and steady. Many people of the group which I also belong hoped that the dark horses (third force candidates) would pull enough number of votes to prove to people that the unconventional is possible but all those hopes are now shattered. I believe the necessary reform in government must begin within the prominent political parties. Nigeria is the most populous black nation on earth. Its population is also greatly dominated by youths. I suggest that these parties be infiltrated in great numbers with the aim to make a difference, not simply by negating the persons in there presently but by simply making a difference – politicking unconventionally, to be the change.

Finally, I wish to appreciate everyone who took me up in conversations in this regard throughout this period, your opinions are appreciated and whichever side of the divide you stood, you have influenced my position one way or the other.
Thank you.
Wole Aroge, a legal practitioner, wrote from Lagos.

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