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Lagos airport power outage


Lagos Airporrt. Photo; wikimedia

Lagos Airporrt. Photo; wikimedia

SIR: The recent embarrassing power outage at the MMA is one too many. If MTN could be so awarded with a condign punishment for embarrassing the country, the management of FAAN has no reason to get away with the heedlessness that led to the outage.

For too long we have allowed mediocrity to define the management of most of our national institutions. One of the corollaries of such maelstrom of negligence is the abysmal rating of our airports on the international scale. The deplorable state of our airports says so much about our disposition to excellence as a people.

The harangue that has greeted the foreign direct investment (FDI) as a catalyst for economic growth is a countervailing hurdle when nuanced against its global utility.

The new minister in charge should see his appointment as an urgent mandate to halt the trajectory of decadence in this sector and must be able to take on the fifth columnists who have festered their nest within the aviation bureaucracy through corruption and personal enrichment.

Stewardship must be demanded from officers whose call it is to ensure the consistent functionality of basic airport facilities like the conveyor belt, the elevators and the air conditioners. Failure to identify some of these responsibilities with specific offices would perpetuate the vicarious institutional indictment that leaves nobody accountable at the end of the day.

• Bukola Ajisola,

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