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My Brotherly Advice To Governor Fayose


Sir: I am using this platform to conscientise you as my brother, Governor Peter Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State of Nigeria. I am also using this medium to communicate to you to thread it softly! softly!! Ekiti people are more resourceful, respectable brilliant and principled in their ways of life but my brother Ayo Fayose, you haven’t been frugal with your words, speeches, disposition and governance to the people who got you elected in Ekiti.

  We are in the negative national spotlights and it is very embarrassing for you as our ambassador to continue to play into the hands of politicians.  Those who encourage you in this circus show are selfish characters whose stock-in-trade is to align with the government of the day for their selfish ends.

  If the chips are down or capsized tomorrow, you will not see Jonathan and his self-anointed-praise-singers. It will be you and you Mr. Fayose alone.

We shouldn’t use our people as sacrificial lambs at the expediency of our political selfishness.

  Your grandstanding instead of understanding the plight of the ordinary people that voted you into power is mundane. Your busy commitment to sacrilegious taboos and swimming in the grotesque of attention seeking are not helping the people. Remember the burden of history.

  My brotherly advice to you is to mellow down; do what you are elected to do and let’s bring our state, Ekiti the fountains of knowledge to the national spotlights and endear the beautiful minds of Ekitians to all Nigerians again. Stop being the advocate of Jonathan’s government, a failed administration who continue to divide us along ethnic and religious lines.

  Use your articulation and indefatigable strength to advance the course of the ordinary Ekitians and Nigeria in general. Don’t be on the wrong side of history. May peace and love return to our fatherland. God bless you and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

•Yahaya Balogun,

Arizona, USA.

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