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Nigeria will continue to be a joke until…


Sir: Nigeria is like that one big free cake that everyone is fighting over, wanting a bigger slice of it while it lasts. I’ve spent a lot of time frankly looking at the viability or sustainability of this paralysed giant called Nigeria. Of course, my conclusion is as good as anyone else’s guess, which is that this country will never ever develop let alone having peace and security as it has been structured since 1966. So long as there is this mutual fear, this mutual suspicion and this mutual hatred among its diverse cultures, the country is as good permanently in coma

We all know the way out but no one wants to say it as it is. We all know where the cure is but everyone pretends that it is elsewhere. We all know that with economic independence given to the federating units, Nigeria will begin to develop and become just and fair to all.

We all know that allowing the federating units to mind their businesses along with minding their security within a clearly defined judicial system and instantly Nigeria’s sickness is cured. 

We all know that this is true because there is no way the doctor will be prescribing antimalaria drugs to his cancer patient and expect the cancer patient to eventually get well.

We all know that we are all pretending like that doctor who knowingly treating his cancer patient with antimalaria drugs while pretending that one day the cancer patient will get better.
Odilim Enwegbara.


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Odilim Enwegbara
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