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Re: The non-issue about Buhari’s qualification


SIR: It baffles me any day I see school children running to schools. I always tell people around that these children do not know what Nigeria has in stock for them; they do not know what really lies ahead of them in this country. Painfully also, it still baffles me to see our political gladiators quarrel on matters that are not issues at all. 

   When they said that General Muhammadu Buhari does not know how to operate a computer, we need to ask them: Is General Buhari seeking job as a secretary?  How many of our CEOs can type or type on their system? We don’t need an office-sitting president, we need a president that will make sure resources allocated are efficiently and effectively utilised by personally monitoring and engaging in on-the-site valuations.   

    They say he does not have a Secondary School Certificate to show. Sincerely speaking, what has that got to do with someone who had ruled the country before and attained the peak of his career through numerous promotional exams equivalent to professional examinations as we have in occupations like in accounting, medicine and what have you. More so, unlike his pearls, he had served the nation creditably well and unstained in various capacities. 

   Professor Bayo Adekanye did justice to this with a good piece: ‘The non-issue about Buhari’s qualification’.  He took time to help explain the Constitutional clause(s) on this to the teeming generations that want change for the progress of their nation.  However, Buhari (as at the time he came to power as a military Head of State), was the Head of State and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and not as the ‘Supreme commander’; nothing like that in military parlance. 

   Our politicians should please, for the sake of our children stick to politics of issues, and if they so much desire to break up the country, that is their problem. Enough of unity on pretence. In one of his albums, Chief Commander Ebenezar Obey sang: “let no one say that if not me his fellowmen would not be able to survive hardship.” There is God and that Supreme Being will always be, so our politicians should note because there is an eternal prison.

• Fogbonsaiye Osebeyo,



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