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Like Zulu king, like Oba of Lagos


SIR: The recent xenophobic attacks in South Africa, which were reportedly fueled by comments on foreign workers by the King of Zulu, Goodwill Zwelithini; could be likened to the tirade by Oba Rilwanu Akiolu which almost tore Lagos along ethnic lines.

The two revered monarchs ought to be circumspect, knowing fully well that their actions or inactions could go a long way in either fostering peaceful co-existence or breed disharmony among citizens and residents alike

It, however, took maturity on the part of concerned Lagos leaders to nip in the bud any untoward circumstances, unlike the South African experience, which led to loss of lives and properties.

Need it be said, and very clear too, to the Zulu king and his citizens that as long as the earth remains, people would always immigrate for greener pastures and new opportunities.

Nigeria must be respected by the South African government for the role she played in freeing the country from apartheid besides the huge market she provides for key South African companies like MTN, Multi-choice, among others.

• Eniola Daniel, Lagos

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  • Proud Yoruba

    What is the writers point? You make no point at all. First the Oba is SANCROSANCT, next the Obas utterance is not anything like that of a Zulu king, even though the source of their annoyance is the same blasted ibos who harass everyone wherever they go with their fake businesses and fake products. Next, Lagos can never be torn to parts because the Yorubas are always united with their Oba, the rest of the visitors are inconsequential as they are not Lagosians.

    Check facts before you write public articles and stop trying to rein flame a dead issue. Ibos need to learn their place wherever they go and learn to be respectful, otherwise, they will always be kicked OUT!

    • Human

      The only issue here is actually when the killings start in Lagos, Ibos will kill more yorubas than the other way round. A fact you dont want to accept. Meanwhile lots of Yorubas are not in support of the evil call from the useless Oba. No one in life who calls for a genocide is sacrosanct. You are the lesser of useless humans that mess up Nigerian blog space.