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Memo to Osinbajo: Before tenancy is determined


Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo

I write this memo consequent upon the power of attorney that has been granted you pursuant to Section145 of the Constitution. I have nowhere else to lodge this memo save than your Office, given the unavoidable absence of your principal. I equally write this memo in my capacity as a citizen of this great nation, whose only job-profile is to simply ask questions and demand accountability. As you well know sir, there comes a passage in the innocence of time, when every leader’s work must appear before the judgement seat of the people, with the result that such is put to the fire. In this inferno-rite sir, two possibilities remain stark – It is either such work attains glory by becoming gold, or suffers the inevitable fate of disgrace and be burnt to ashes.

On this score, I would have been honoured to convey to you, your government’s score-card from the market-place of public opinion. But sir, there is bad news – there is no score-card. With respect, many are simply just at a loss as to how to even rate your government. Are they to say that you have passed, or to say you have failed? In their mind, they will say that Nigeria may not be where she used to be, but again they would then ask, is this so because Buhari happened, or because Jonathan was stopped from further happening? When everyone begin to blame themselves for the failure of a government, but are fearful of blaming their President, the end may just be near.

So sir, even though many may sympathize that you inherited Jonathan’s many years of locust, but what significant developmental milestones can they proudly point to in two years, to assure them that this is not just another case of the crippled man simply metamorphosing into a crippled masquerade? Please where are these milestones sir? A refurbished Abuja runaway? 10,000 Policemen recruited? N-Power? Ikoyigate? Camp Zero? ??? What else? And so this is the value of N15 million votes casted to reject Jonathans cluelessness? Perhaps, it may just be a lot safer, to just abandon this futile score-carding, and do the needful by asking what I consider ‘further and better’ questions.


Since we are now entering the second half of your Aso Rock tenancy, maybe we should just be bold and ask you those questions that those around you will never ask. Please sir, where is the Fiscal Federalism your party passionately promised when you were yet in opposition? What of the State Police you said will happen once power changed hands? You also promised, that you will attract the best and brightest to our politics and the public service through aggressive recruitment, please sir can we say that the recent DSS recruitment is also a part of that promise? You promised a robust industrialisation policy and environment, please where is it sir? You claimed you will generate 20,000MW within four years, please can we ask of the where about of our 10,000MW? You boasted that you will demonstrate honour by targeting up to 15 per cent of our Annual Budget for Education, was that for real or just another hurried propaganda?

I feel I need not say more, since the facts already speak for itself. My further advice however is this – please resist the praise-worship of those who surround you, praise-singing is the easiest thing in any morally bankrupt society. Even Abacha had his band of paid and self appointed choristers. For me, I suspect you are a methodically reflective man, something you appear to repeatedly demonstrate in your measured reassurances when reacting to the pains and cries of the people. If for nothing, this represents my assurance for penning this memo.


Flowing from the above abandonment of your manifesto, I shall therefore recommend the following prescription – (1) Unbundling; (2) Unbundling; (3) Unbundling. Sir, the best meal you can serve the Nigerian people this Democracy Day, is to find the rare courage to unbundle this government you delicately head. I am not persuaded you will be able to do this, but it is still my frank counsel sir. Right-thinking men will however tell you, that except this is done, continuing this journey for the remaining two years with these ‘PDP in APC clothing men’, may be as good as just pouring water into the basket called ‘‘MMM’’. I need not educate you on the character of this sort of tragedy.

Sir, I am sure you must be sad that in two years, your government has no meaningful policy direction or reform process in critical sectors like the Economy, Health, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Sports, except for the usual flamboyant rhetorics. Let me just whisper this to your hearing sir, even as a university teacher, I have only been hearing the rumour that there is a Minister of Education. I have not seen any. Can you imagine sir! As a Man of God sir, I am convinced you know the story of Jonah too well. From the Jurisprudence of Jonah therefore, no one need say more than except your ‘All-Star Jonah FEC team’ is cast out of this ship, the road to 2019 may all too well remain the same lavish motion, with no movement.

This memo of mine may be on the one hand demanding, but I assure you it would in the long run be rewarding. That notwithstanding, these are my last lines – Now that you are Acting President, you have a unique opportunity to make history. It is simple, roll up your sleeves, sacrifice any ambition you may have at the moment, and masterly plunge yourself into making Nigeria become in two years, what she has failed, refused and neglected to achieve in 56 years…And lest I forget Prof, don’t let the day come, when you will so become a prisoner to power as to allow our dear Mrs. Osinbajo, ever storm out of the Aso Rock Villa Chapel. Is Akinola Aguda and Alausa not after-all, both edifices of nothinglessness and lying vanities?
Adegbite is a lecturer in the Faculty of Law, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State. 

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