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Mid-West region for presidency in 2023


Sir: Balarabe Musa on Saturday Vanguard, July 25, 2020 page 5, said that the Presidency should go to the south east region of the country in 2023.

I disagree with Balarabe. We had regions, in Nigeria by/before 1966 by the constitution.
1. Northern (region) (Kaduna) Nigeria
2. Eastern Nigeria (Region) Enugu
3. Western Nigeria (Region) Ibadan
4. Mid-Western Nigeria (Region) Benin.

If Balarabe Musa is very honest to himself he should know that it is only the Mid-Western Region that has not produced any President for Nigeria. Dr. Goodluck Jonathan is from Eastern Region. The present six geopolitical zones were done by Dr. Ekweme/Abacha to write out old Mid-West Region.

By 1964/66 Nigeria had four military leaders according to their regions with General Ironsi from Eastern Region as head of Nigeria. General Hassan Katsina for Northern Region (Kaduna); General Odumegu Ojuku for Eastern Region (Enugu);
General Adekunle Fajuyi for Western Region (Ibadan) and General David Ejoor for Mid-West Region (Benin City).


Eastern Region produced Dr. Azikiwe, General Ironsi and Dr. Goodluck Jonathan as Presidents.
Northen Region produced Sir Tafawa Balewa, Gowon, Babangida, Shagari, Buhari, Yar Adua, Abacha,
Western Region produced Obasanjo, Shonekan while Mid – Western Region is nil.

The following great people of old Mid-West Region should unite: Oba of Benin and other traditional rulers / leaders (present Edo / Delta). Chief E. K. Clark, Sam Amuka Pemu, Professor G. G. Dara, Professor Tony Afejuku, Gaius Obaseki (of NNPC), Chief Mrs. Ogbemi Lori Ogbebor, Professor Epiphany Azinge, Professor Sam Oyowaire, Chief Okpoko (SAN) and Professor Pat Utomi.

Some late leaders of Mid-West Region, Chief Festus Okotie Eboh, Osadebay Arthurs Prest, Kessington Momoh, Alfred Rewane, Tony Enahoro, Ibru, General Ejoor, did well for this great country. They are from Mid-West Region. Who cares about them now? In 2023, zone President to Mid-West Region of Nigeria.

The six geopolitical zones are not regions as Balarabe Musa want us to believe. South East Zone is derogative to the Ibo nation. Eastern region is the proper adjective for the Ibo. I call on the Oba of Benin to play the good role of his grandfather Oba Akenzua in the creation of the old Mid-West Region with Benin City as capital. I urge Azinge, Dara and Utomi to contest for the President come 2023.

Prince Churchill Oki.


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