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Mother Nigeria


Sir: Every discerning mind will readily agree that the project called Nigeria is wailing and needs to be comforted. She is weak and needs nourishment, sleepy and desires a lullaby. Sixty years have left her thoroughly useless and her children continually grieve for her pitiable situation. When another October 1, crept in for the celebration of her birthday, many welcomed it with little or no interest sneering at her, jeering at her towering but weak stature. Which also propelled some group demanding for tribal separation because the name was invented by non citizens; therefore, they prefer to back and promote what we invented. 

My hope for the country has continued to wane as I seem to see a bleak tomorrow in the affairs of Mother Nigeria. She has suffered many things to bring succor to her children, but some of whom are the sources of her agony.


Where are the promises of a sincere treatment promised her by those she passionately loves? What is the way out of this political, economic and social quagmire? For how long are we going to continue wallowing in miseries when only a few see hope in the resuscitation of Mother Nigeria from her comatose state?

Mother Nigeria, I love you with unique passion and I won’t abandon you no matter what your health is except the name no longer exist. I cry day and night for the sufferings your prodigal children have subjected you to.

Come closer mama and let me cuddle you. Feel my warmth in the chillness of nights, lay your head on my shoulder and head with youthocratic vision for you.

Everyday shall make you grand and those who produce sorrows for you shall also have them to their fill. I hate those who make you cry but I love the minority who though helpless and hapless, persistently believe that someday, all shall be well.

Tunde Eso, president, Fix Nigeria Group and founder of Youthocracy.


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Mother Nigeria
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