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My Igbo brothers, please stop this self-inflicting injury


Sir: To my Igbo brothers, please do not for any reason under the sun shut down your homeland in protest of the persecution, oh sorry, I mean the prosecution of your brave son, who has in the best way he thought necessarily possible defended his homeland.

The battle is not in your homeland but in Abuja. The battle is not physical but one of wit and intelligence. Please, concentrate on how to fight the battle within the ambit of the law in Abuja and not in your homeland.

Why do you want to inflict injury on yourselves by shutting down your homeland? Why do you want to bring hunger to your people? Why do you want to ruin your development, commerce and industry? Why do you want to stagnate your economy? Why do you want to make yourselves a laughing stock?


My Igbo brothers you are too wise and intelligent for this emotional and sentimental impulsive action. Please do not play this game on your turf. Play the game in Abuja where it will favour both teams.

But on the other hand, if you must protest as a sign of solidarity, ensure that it is done peacefully without violence. Do not shut down your businesses. Do not block the highways. Do not stop people from going about their normal and legitimate activities. Do not harass or molest motorists and pedestrians. Do not destroy public and private property. Do not encourage violence of any form. With these, you will be heard loud and clear that you support your son and want him treated as a human being, who has the right to fair hearing under the rule of law.

Chief Malcolm Emokiniovo Omirhobo.


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