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NADECO’S under-ground and open-ground patriots – Part 3

By Tony Afejuku
17 December 2021   |   2:43 am
I have been particularly interested in why some NADECO members had to go on exile – on forced exile.

NADECO chieftain, Dr. Amos Akingba

I have been particularly interested in why some NADECO members had to go on exile – on forced exile.

I have also interrogated some NADECO members who decided to go underground from the time of the movement’s inception up to now. The responses I got, as profoundly pleasurable and pleasurably profound as they were, could be called disputable points.

A particularly interesting NADECO under-ground patriot based in the eastern region of our country clearly informed me that he would like to still stay under-ground because of the “butchers in power,” to put his phrase mildly.

A man and NADECO patriot of clear and beautifully shaped and formed thought, who has just buried his mother, invited me to travel across the Niger to come and partake in what would be to be more than a mixture of thought and of vision of NADECO that would provide fabulous stimulus to my imagination and creative endeavours and delights.

Somehow, pending when I am to make the cherished visit across the Niger sometime early next year, I gleaned something akin to what Pieter Willem Botha of South Africa said in 1988 or so, to wit; “Black people cannot rule themselves because they don’t have the brain and mental capacity to govern society. Give them guns, they would kill themselves; Give them power, they will steal all the Government money; Give them Independence and Democracy, they will use it to promote Tribalism, Ethnicity, Bigotry, Hatred, Killings and wars.” Rightly or wrongly our experience in this land may have justified this quote of a white colonialist – of a white South African Boer to boot.

The NADECO under-ground patriot I am referring to said what he said to me in similar terms, although not exactly as contained in Botha’s quote. This image of the tragedy of the Black man is what the original NADECO patriots were and are (still) determined to re-define in your country my country our country.

The living members of the original NADECO patriots who have chosen to remain underground are not oblivious of the power butchers in influential and authoritative power who are always determined to come after all the opposition members they dread in different forms.

As I have been reliably informed, some NADECOists who ran to exile did so because the late General Sani Abacha came after them because they rejected his overtures which included financial inducements to forego their patriotic agitations for MKO Abiola’s installation as president.

Some NADECOists allegedly fell for the black-goggled maximum ruler’s financial inducements but bluntly or diplomatically refused to play ball thereafter. Some NADECOists were allegedly serial collectors of the black-goggled General’s over-refined dollars and pounds inducements.

After their serial collections, they refused to sell to Abacha what Abacha expected them to sell to him. When Abacha could no more tolerate their betrayals he concluded that enough was enough. All those who recused themselves from his sinister embrace and circle after licking his invitingly tempting butter were to be rounded up.

In the name of the law of the butcher, whose generosity had been taken for granted and abused, he unleashed his goons and guns on them. But the smart NADECO butter-lickers jumped the gun and beat Abacha and his goons and guns. They raced to exile with borrowed and un-borrowed feet. How and why did Abacha dare to call them betrayers when he and his fellow right-wingers of butchers had betrayed the Nigerian electorate and people who wanted MKO Abiola’s presidency which the right-wingers in and out of military uniform denied him? Of course, the agbada and babaringa right-wingers who goaded the triumphant political turncoats in army uniform to do what they did were the real masterminds who created the situations that are still plaguing us today.

The NADECO under-ground patriots are still waiting patiently for the historic opportunity that will enable black people the world over to utter the great cry and song of patriots, the real patriots of Nigeria, “In the big spirit of our broad democratic tongue, mind, heart, eyes, nostrils, ears and skin” (Tony Afejuku, “Our journalists are our last hope,” The Guardian, Friday, 30 July 2021). Our NADECO under-ground patriots are committed as ever to our patriotic and super-patriotic cause. They will keep on liaising with the open-ground patriots to create for your country my country our country the “living and dialectical unity of so many opposites,” as Jean-Paul Sartre would put it.

The super-patriots under-ground and open-ground, as I hinted already last Friday, have made great inroads upon the North’s patriotic political pulse, property and power properly. The underground leftists in particular across the country must keep on working on their knowledge of complex resistance to the right-wing power butchers’ mode of operation. Once the power butchers discover the true nature of their committedly patriotic sacrifice and how it will be consummated, their historic opportunity will never come – or it will be “drained to the very dregs” before it eventually surfaces. This is not and must not be their destiny. There is ample creativity in silence underground.

On the 15 of November this year, I saw the Channels interview Mr. Ayo Opadokun, NADECO’s Secretary-General, granted Mr. Ladi Akeredolu-Ale, his interviewer and Channels’ anchor. As an open-ground patriot of NADECO, Mr. Opadokun spoke too much. In fact, he over-spoke – or even misspoke. When, for example, he referred to some judges who allegedly have two billion naira in their bank accounts in the present dispensation because they are hawkers of judgments my mind embarked on a flash-back flight to the First Republic. Did we not have back then at least a judge whose hands, legs, mind, heart and brain were tied and sent as a consequence an innocent political opposition leader (and his ardent followers and fellow crusaders) to jail because he was strongly opposed to right-wing politics? Mr. Ayo Opadokun should watch well and control well his tongue – as an open-ground NADECO patriot and prime top echelon. What will be his honest, truthful, rightly blunt answer if the power butchers say they are not doing anything different from what was done aeons ago?

Now let me say one or two things about the spiritual dimension to NADECO’s politics – as gleaned from my investigation still ongoing.

To be continued and concluded.
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