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NADECO’s under-ground and open-ground patriots – Part 4

By Tony Afejuku
24 December 2021   |   3:32 am
There is a spiritual dimension to NADECO’s politics, as I have already hinted. Why the movement did not succeed or fully succeed in its purely patriotic goal or doctrine of the super-patriot which each valuable member...


There is a spiritual dimension to NADECO’s politics, as I have already hinted. Why the movement did not succeed or fully succeed in its purely patriotic goal or doctrine of the super-patriot which each valuable member was expected to imbibe could be attributed to members – under-ground ones especially – who were not fully agreeable to MKO Abiola’s presidency. Abiola’s strength, good fortune and will to presidential power were all seized upon, snatched, and unrecognizably twisted under-ground by, among others, his spiritual foes and antagonists who never forgave him for what he did to the late sage, the super-humanist Obafemi Awolowo in 1979 or so.

Some NADECO intellectuals and traditional rulers in Abiola’s primary base and constituency of Western Nigeria numbered among the die-hards of the president-in-waiting who waited in vain as president-in-waiting. Long before the time I decided to do this NADECO series Primate Theophilus Olabayo informed me of his prophetic message to Abiola thus: “You will win the election but you will not be crowned with the crown of victory.” I am not quoting the great prophet of the Evangelical Church of Yaweh Worldwide word for word. But what he confided in me amounted to what I have just put in quotation marks. In any case, a few days ago he reiterated the import of his prophecy then and other matters relating to Abiola’s presidential spiritual odyssey which came to naught because it was meant to come to naught ab-in-i-tio. He gave me the reasons which I won’t illustrate here. And Abiola, did he believe him? Yes and no; and no and yes is the answer.

The rest is history from this end. But my impression, rightly or wrongly, is that the desperation that he was in goaded MKO Abiola to regard the supreme prophet’s historic prophecies as pompous prophecies. And MKO’s committed NADECO supporters and patriots were too modern and scientifically-minded to dominate and influence him to cling obstinately to his omission, if not outright refutation, to do or observe what he needed to do and observe. In other words, his prophetic resentment (and other things which I hesitate to illustrate and elaborate on here) alienated him from his “crown of victory” – or, better, alienated his “crown of victory” from him until his eyes were shut forever as foreseen but which he, as said, did not believe was his destiny or fate. His spiritual stubbornness and blindness as he was remotely controlled or led not to see at a crucial moment of his life and career played a historically poisonous role in his 1992 presidential victory that was turned into his thunderous defeat as foreseen and told him by Olabayo – I say it again.

Another source also informed me that what MKO Abiola suffered was nothing short of “metaphysical punishment” which all guilty parties against him especially in Western Nigeria saw as his nemesis and burden for conspiring against the Yoruba race and Nigeria at different times. All allegedly local, national and international moles should not be pitied for possessing a bad conscience that must shame and poison them at the appointed time. Revelations upon revelations…. Revelations upon revelations… “We know some NADECO ‘chieftains’ who collected Abacha’s money before running away and today, they are the [despicable monsters] of our politics and polities! I witnessed how Bucknor Akerele tongue-lashed them at the burial of Pa Ajasin years back.” A young NADECO’s under-ground patriot who still wants to remain under-ground told me this. He didn’t stop there. Spiritually, the “tension between the forces of death and the forces of life” that your country my country our country suffer and endure today bind our country to its “mortal destiny.”

Sincere NADECO open-ground super-patriots such as Ayo Adebanjo (lawyer and current leader of Afenifere), Fred Agbeyegbe (dramatist, poet and lawyer), Rear Admiral Ndubuisi Kanu, the recently late ex-top naval chief and military governor of Imo State (1976) and Lagos State (1977-1978) and others knew and understood perfectly what they knew and understood perfectly about the paradox and complexity of their NADECO’s historical, political and spiritual condition. But I must cage my findings and discoveries on this score because it is my right and free choice to do so.

Now I must end the series without concluding it. This is because the investigation is on-going. Some readers earn the right to influence other readers and would-be researchers on the NADECO subject. I will quote these readers who, incidentally, belong to the movement’s under-ground super-patriots.

Insightful series! One of the reasons NADECO did not “survive” [as we expected] has to do with the issue of internal contradictions in our group. Many joined for selfish reasons. Many pretenders used the platform to launch themselves to political relevance. Check out how useless some so-called NADECO ‘chieftains’ turned out to be in government! This piece is illuminating and God bless the powerful, fearless Professor!

This piece, particularly this episode (2), has shown that contrary to the wrong impression created, many people outside the South West did more for NADECO and Abiola’s cause than the jokers who claimed and still claim that they were and are the ones who carried the June 12 matter on their heads like “Gala” in Lagos traffic. The tragedy is that many of those were not remembered, honoured or “compensated.” Check it out sir, Dr. Osime, an Agenebode, Edo State man, coined the phrase: “The five fingers of a leprous hand.” Chief Bola Ige only used it while addressing the press on behalf of the group, our group, and he did not acknowledge the “author.” The late Justice Adewale Thompson confirmed that to me after I wrote an attestation on Dr. Osime while he was to be elevated in one of the group’s esoteric ladders. You must attend the NADECO conference in the US next year and bring us raw and undiluted information. You I can trust!

Our gem of a columnist, it seems you are giving too much credence to NADECO when you stated that “the tragedy of the Black man is what the original NADECO patriots were and are (still) determined to re-define in your country my country our country.” NADECO was a broad national liberation front with contending ideological prisms. The only issue that united them was the installation of MKO Abiola as the elected president of Nigeria as per the results of the June 12, 1992 elections. Beyond that, the contending ideological groupings had no agreed approach to governance. In fact NADECO epitomized the dialectic of the negation and the unity and struggle of opposites. A significant proportion of those that formed the “five leprous” political parties that endorsed General Sani Abacha’s evil design to succeed himself emerged from the over-coat of NADECO. They are also prominent actors in all the present political parties hemorrhaging Nigeria to death. Thus, it is an over-stretch to postulate that “the original NADECO patriots were and are (still) determined to re-define in your country my country our country [the image of the Black man].”

The cited readers who are super-underground patriots of the movement have the right to inform and influence our compatriots in the struggle and fight for better Nigeria. They are quite critical of their movement but are not ready to withdraw into the savanna and desert and swamp, hill and mountain and forest of fear. As they have informed me, and as a prominent living top hierarchical Spiritual Master of Merit opened up to me, NADECO is legitimately and resolutely alive under-ground and open-ground. But the movement needs genuine, strong, gifted, fearless, honest and passionately committed youths like the late Yinka Odumakin to sustain it and give it its momentum and momentous advancement under-ground and open-ground in the delicate times ahead. Thunder and cascading storms!
Merry Christmas.
The end… but not the conclusion.
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