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Ndigbo are not politically naive


ohaneze_ndigboSIR: It is very ironical to hear from some quarters that Ndigbo are politically naive because only few of them voted for Buhari. This is a most uncharitable statement, and far from the truth. Ndigbo are not politically naive. Ordinarily, one would have ignored such reckless statements but for the fact that the truth must be told so that members of the public are not misled.

To start with, if we are practising real democracy, people should be allowed to vote according to the dictates of their consciences. Many factors may inform people voting in a particular manner, but one thing is sure that Ndigbo are the most democratic people in Nigeria and can never tolerate any body coercing them to vote in a particular way.

It may interest those gloating over this issue to know that there were also Igbo presidential aspirants in the 2015 presidential elections but Buhari got more votes in the South- East than these Igbo sons. This is democracy in action; if not, what would make an Hausa-Fulani man get more votes than the sons of the soil in Igboland? It goes to show that Ndigbo were not influenced by tribal considerations and sentiments when casting their votes. Their actions were based solely on free conscience and conviction, which is one of the hallmarks of democracy.

Besides, when has loyalty become a vice or naivety, and disloyalty become a virtue or wisdom? It is instructive to note that on two occasions, the Yorubas did not vote en masse for their own son, Obasanjo, do we now say that the Yorubas were naive for not voting for him?

It is heartwarming to note that Buhari himself appreciated the increased votes he got from Ndigbo, particularly from Imo State compared to the last election where he performed abysmally in the South-East which probably stemmed from the more vigorous campaign he embarked on in the South East unlike his flying visits in the previous election. It only goes to show that past wounds are being healed gradually and the process of forgiveness on all sides is on. Ndigbo should be commended instead of being taunted.

The pattern of voting for PDP since 1999 stems from the fact that Ndigbo have historically voted for parties that have a pan-Nigerian outlook and would protect their interests in all parts of Nigeria, this is borne out of the fact that in the 2003 elections, Obasanjo received more votes than Ojukwu in the South-East. My point is that we should endeavour to discuss things that will uplift and build our nation instead of sowing seeds of bitterness and disunity through reckless utterances.

• Chioma Uchechukwu, Abuja, FCT

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1 Comment
  • Yakubu Abdul

    Yes Yoruba did not vote for obasanjo but the vote for their geopolitical party which AD so why?igbo didn’t. Vote for APGA if not bcos.of ethnic but thank god the have already espoused their polical sthrengh for Igbo to realize their political ambition in Nigeria it will take them time bcos.the other geopolical zone has realize with Igbo vote or not the can still move a head and produce a president in the country and it take them years to form a polical alliance with south west or north and with out this two major geopolical zone their was no way the can produce a president at center that is the simple truth and that is the critical coner were Igbo coner their self in this country for now