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Nigeria: A state of dystopia?

By Yahaya Balogun
25 November 2016   |   3:27 am
Nigeria is a beautiful nation inching into the abyss of time, or etching to a state of dystopia? Can Nigeria really be redeemed? These are infinite questions begging for unending answers.
Nigeria Flag

Nigeria Flag

Nigeria is a beautiful nation inching into the abyss of time, or etching to a state of dystopia? Can Nigeria really be redeemed? These are infinite questions begging for unending answers. Nigeria is currently being plagued with so many generic sins and contradictions. The youths are being used as a catalyst to facilitate its disintegration. The problems of Nigeria are intertwined: man-made and spiritual.

While the pen-pushers in our midst try to lynch corruption and the corrupt attitudes of our politicians, the plebeians are busy at the slightest provocation lynching and maiming themselves and the innocents with impudence and ignorance.

Poverty of mind has no credence for one’s level of education. Evil deeds to one another are a social norm in an Hobbesian state. The lynching of a toddler or a minor for being what I call a ‘circumstantial juvenile’ in the Hobbesian state of Nigeria is the latest ugly news emanating from the beloved country. It is yet another addition to the country’s plethora of sins. Where is the mind of man? A terrible thing to waste! Who could have committed that heinous crime to a minor? An unfortunate child in an unfortunate country; and for what justifiable reason was he killed? It’s terribly sickening!

The Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, another death-trap has just consumed some flourishing lives; avoidable accidents, a nauseating trademark on our famished roads! From Lagos to Abakaliki, from Oyo to Ogbomoso; from Ibadan to Ife, Kuje to Abuja, it’s the same story from the book of death on the Nigerian roads. Nigerians should buckle up, the road ahead may be rough if the country continues to thread this path with the nonchalant attitude of the people.

In retrospect, billions of dollars, naira and other currencies are being unearthed and recovered from the rapists of a hapless nation; with an unending anguish of recession and hope in the midst of hopelessness. Has anyone been brought to justice to deter others? Your answer is as good as mine. Peruse the ridiculous salaries of our ‘Nasstymen’ in Abuja. What do they do to justify their stupendous earnings? A collection of corrupt and noisemakers making laws for a raped and unserious nation.
I am sympathetic with President Buhari as a lone fighter in an administration with the nomenclature of corrupt ‘men of yesterday’.

What actually, are the problems with Nigeria? In his succinct preachments from his parchment: “The Trouble with Nigeria”, my mentor, Late Professor Chinua Achebe identifies our common problems in this book and the book proffers solutions, but all the admonitions of Chinua Achebe the ‘conscience of the nation’ have sunk to deaf ears. Some of Nigerian citizens and their leaders have symbiotic relationships.

Those at their mercy are the impoverished and the vulnerable people in the society. Who will save the country from this perilous road? A gnashing question!

Nigerians have penchant for other people’s affairs more than their own affairs. The just concluded general election in the United States that stunningly produced Donald Trump, has given us more clearer picture of the mindset of our people in Nigeria. We have always cried more than the bereaved in any ugly situation and circumstance.

President Obama of the United States, whose ascension to office Nigerians celebrated with pomp and pageantry has now become their unrepentant enemy. His inability to pay official visit to Nigeria has now become the country’s another conundrum. Obama may have justifiable reasons for not visiting Nigeria, the reasons that are best known to Washington. I am sure students of international politics and diplomacy will research into that reasons and come up with an opinionated answers or inferences in the near future.

Nigerian politicians have been nothing but disappointments to Africa and to their citizens. I beg to ask for Nigeria to henceforth be tagged as ‘a potentially giant country of Africa’ not “a giant of Africa” as being vaingloriously touted in some quarters. A-giant-for-nothing-country? We have all it takes to be as prosperous as the United States but our collective patrimony has been openly raped and mortgaged in recent years. Corruption has been the bane of the country’s progress. I cried all day few days ago when I saw an impoverished child lynched in a dystopian country. Sadly, Jesus Christ (Peace Be Upon Him-PBUH) would have cancelled his sacred visits to Nigeria several times if he had had such itineraries. Literally, Jesus Christ’s second coming is expected to rapturally consume all these ghouls in Nigeria in order to bring sanity to a bruised country.

Some people are not comfortable with our unpretentious patriotism for a dear country, and for championing an egalitarian society; a place where everyone has unfettered opportunity in its common wealth and greatness. Words used and well crafted in constructing a message are missiles and bombs to those who love hate but dislike decorum and good things. Because words are mightier than bullets, they destroy or reshape the conscience and consciousness of the authority and the children of ghouls. We’re fundamentally unapologetic in throwing words or speaking out wherever or whenever the need arises for posterity.

Ijoba orun ku si dede. Omo Nigeria e yi pada kuro ninu ese, itanje ati pansaga, ki oore ofe ati irorun le wole towa pada wa!!!(the day of reckoning is imminent, Nigerians should repent and desist from deceits for prosperity to return to Nigeria). Corruption and underdevelopment are intertwined. No nation can succeed under the tutelage of corrupt people. Nigerians are masters at perfection of the art of corruption. It has become a norm. There is the hand of Esau in Nigerian pedestal of leadership and political fraternity.

Historically, when the autobiographies and the history of Obama’s sterling records but tumultuous administration are written, his reasons for not visiting Nigeria will be revealed, debated and archived. We never can say never, Washington might change its mind for him to officially visit the country before his administration expires in January next year. The bottom line is that, official visit or no official visit,

Nigeria should re-organise her house first before expecting incorruptible administration from another country. Just like the United States, Nigeria has the inherent abilities to lead the world if we unleash our imagination. At present, we are cocooned in self-illusion and neocolonialism. We can still turn our graveyard or midnight to the dawn of a new era.

Balogun sent this piece from Arizona, USA.